Savouring of International, Western dishes like Italian, American & European.
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Free burger from Shake Shack. Awesome as always.

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First time having Common Grill at a coffeeshop. All are of good quality.

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Had the family set of chilli crayfish and meatball for only ($15.50). I was surprised a western stall offered chinese dishes and it is quite substantial.

Amazed what Ikea can offer

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My friend introduce me to this Texas Style cooked mead. We order chicken chop ($10.50) and duck confeti ($14.50).

I am surprised about the big portion. I had the chicken chop and I like that the skin is crispy and the seasoning. I also didn't expect the sweet potato is real potato and thought would be fries type. I am kind of dissapointed they served red cabbage and was hoping at least coleslaw instead.

Overall, I think it is not bad but I wouldn't come down just for it.

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Decided to come here again to utolised my 1 for 1 Entertainer app. Ordered the Messi burger this time to support Messi.

2 x patty for the burger and it is not bad.

Ordered the cheese omelette complete ($22.90) & breakfast waffle ($20.90). I like that the portion is huge and the runny and flavourfulness of the egg. However, some things they are lacking is the waffles was quite hard.

Overall, it is still a good meal and would try the normal mains next. Paid using 1 for 1 Entertainer App.

Had the lamb chop & pork sausage meal ($20). A very filling meal and good that there is 1 for 1 selected mains with minimum $20 spend on the mains

Initially, saw online that it is all day breakfast. Was disappointed it is not anymore or maybe is only applicable for ci yuan cc outlet.

Had the Big Brekkie & Pan Seared Snapper with Pesto ($15.90++) each. The french toast in the Big Brekkie is nice and the scramble egg is runny.

Pan Seared Snapper is a bit of a disappointment as I was expecting bigger portion and more sauce. Fish was not bad since they use snapper but feel kind of dry.

Overall, I would come again for the breakfast items.

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It is rare to have rosti at a hawker so decided to give it a try. I ordered the plain rosti ($6.90) and mushroom chicken ($10.90) chop rosti.

Chicken was nice; grilled nicely and no complain. The Rosti i felt that it is not crispy enough and fall apart easily.

It is not bad if you live around the area but I wouldn't go all the way for it.

After seeing Zermatt video of eating lad & co. Decided to give it a try. Ordered the large fish & chip and scotch egg. The fish is delicious as it did not use dory but haddock. Scotch egg is also runny and the skin is crispy.

Will not mind coming again

Had the Stirloin Steak ($30) and Pork Rib ($35).

Stirloin is of good quality and delicious. Initially, meat was between medium rare to medium which was not what I was looking for but the server send it back and it was cook well after that.

The pork rib is also delicious but I feel that the marination of the sauce too sweet for me.

Overall, is a good deal using 1 for 1 Entertainer

Ordered the beef cheek and the pork rib.

The beef cheek is generally nice with the truffle mahsed potato. However, felt the beef cheek was salty.

For the pork ribs, the pork was cooked well but the sauce they put on it makes the pork salty. I feel that the sauce used doesn't compliment the pork ribs

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