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Savouring of International, Western dishes like Italian, American & European.
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

After hearing my friend recommendation, I decide to give Chic-a-boo a try. I'm glad to say, it does not disappoint. For $8.90, we were about to get 2 piece chicken, 2 sides & a drink. They use fresh chicken instead of frozen. Their sides were great as well. For a price of $8.90, it is almost equivalent price to KFC 2 piece meal but of a better quality.

I would go for Chic-a-Boo for KFC all day. I do hope that they opened an outlet in the West side for Westies like me to enjoy.

It was my first time trying Fish & Co. the chips was hot and crispy, the chicken is flavourful and the scallop is scorched with cheese on it. I would say it is a decent meal.

However, do take note this is not wallet friendly. The price of what I ordered is $20.90++ ($24.66 nett) which is on the pricer side.

Even though Nando has being opening at multiple outlets, I have never tried it yet until today when one of my friend suggested to have Nando.

The chicken was fresh and meat fell of from the bones easily. It implies that they use fresh chicken and not frozen. The chips were acceptable.

They had multiple peri peri sauce but they all taste similar to me and it is quite salty. One basic sauce which I think they should have but lacking is chili sauce.

Ultimately, it is a good try.

We ordered the Hawaiian Pizza (RM 23), Korean Fried Chicken (RM 18.90), Scrambled Egg Curry Rice (RM 14.90) & Matcha with Azuki Waffles (RM 16.90).

The texture of the Waffles is crispy which I feel that shouldn't be the case. It would be better if the Waffles is soft and fluffy. The ice-cream, azuki red bean & whipped cream is not bad.

The Scrambled Egg Curry Rice that my friend ordered would be the star of the show. The egg is made elegantly which I have never seen such a beautiful scramble egg before.

The pizza and the korean fried chicken is not bad too.

I would say the place is good for relaxation and elegant of the food but taste wise, it's average.

I wanted to try out how does the Burpple Beyond works and decided to try this restaurant as it offers it and it is nearby.

I ordered Smoked Salmon Benedict ($18) while my friend ordered The New Yorker ($17).

The Smoked Salmon Benedict is served with toasted baguette followed by roasted mushroom, Smoked Salmon, Egg Benedict and finally the Hollandaise Sauce. It is not bad but the Hollandaise feels like being overpowered by the saltiness from the Smoked Salmon. It would be good if the menu include Ham so that can taste all the flavour from the ingredients. They also have a side of vegetables to balance the meal. Be prepared as it is not filling. Maybe you would have some lunch if you order their Entrees instead.

My friend's New York consist of Black Sesame Bagel, Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg. He find it quite nice but not filling enough.

Overall, using Burpple Beyond get me paying only $18 (the lower cost item is free) which is not bad but not really might blowing. If there is no 1 for 1, probably wouldn't come again.

Ordered their Signature The Twist Lava Golden Crispy Fish Fillet ($14.90) which I have been craving for a long time since their opening. The cheese and the twisters really blends well together and compatible with the fish fillet. This is also my first time trying Ratatouille which was made popular from the movie with the same name. It is a tomato based with chunks of tomato. They also made attention to detail by decorating their soup by using the milk in a flower shape.

I would come back try their other chicken sauce dishes.

This is one of the first lobster roll in Singapore that opened in Oxley Tower. They have since expanded to The Cathay & China Square.

I ordered the original ($16) which consist of the herbs & spices on a cold fresh lobster. The lobster is meaty and seasonal beautiful. My friends ordered the Connecticut (Butter style) and Cheesy which the meat is on the warm side instead. I would recommend Connecticut to enjoy the butter and the warm lobster.

Do note that this is more of a snack than a meal.

After pulling out from Singapore in 2003, it bring a nostalgic feeling back when it made a comeback to Jewel Changi Airport.

I ordered their Chicken Coney Dog Combo with an upgrade to Root Beer Float ($9.50).

The Coney Dog is not bad with the toasted roll with their meal sauce and garlic on top of the chicken sausage. The curly fries is average nothing special about it. The draft root beer which is the main item is good. It had more flavour than those you get it supermarket.

I would say that overall it's above than normal fast food like McDonald but don't expect anything more.

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The long waited burger joint have finally arrived to Singapore. We ordered the Shroom Burger ($10.80), Shack Stack ($14.30), Peanut Butter Hand-Spun Shakes ($6.90), Crinkle-Cut Cheese Fries ($5.90) & Shack Attack Concretes ($7.50).

The concretes has a smooth texture than normal ice cream but it's taste like ice cream and nothing more. The cheese use is cheddar which doesn't work for me. Cheddar has a bitter taste and fries itself is salty. Hence, wouldn't recommend this. The peanut butter hand-spun shakes is something you wouldn't expect. Peanut butter is not something you would expect in a milkshake but surprisingly Shake Shack offer it. For peanut butter lover, this is something not to be missed.

And for the main event is the burger. The bun used is made from potato. For non-beef eater, fret not. Although the Singapore Shake Shack does not offer the Chick'n Shack, the Shroom Burger make up for it. For non-beef & meat lover, no need to be disappointed as the Shroom Burger is exquisite. The fried portobello mushroom and cheese patty is out of the world. I don't expect mushroom to taste that good.

I would recommend everyone to try at least once and if you can only a enough money or a stomach for one burger, order the Shroom Burger. Of course, if you want the best of both would, do order the Shack Stack.

Order their Fried Chicken & Waffles ($15.90). Initially I thought I would still be hungry after eating this but it is more filling than I expect. This is also my first time eating Chicken with Waffles.

The Fried Chicken & Waffles is accompanied with maple syrup. Hence, I was about to enjoy both the sweetness of the waffles and maple syrup and the savory for the fried chicken. The food is not bad.

We were also lucky that as the original Waffles is only left with 1 serving, my 2 other friends get to enjoy their Waffles in Belgium Chocolate & Red Velvet flavour.

We booked under Chope and there is 50% weekend early bird discount with no service charge which cost a total of $8.51 which is worth it.

However, one thing they have to improve on is the prepping of the food. It took a total of 40 mins before all our food is served and the restaurant wasn't packed or anything.

I saw the video advertising about the Brunch Buffet and decided to give it a try. The breakfast item was really delicious especially the American Breakfast and Panini.

However, what pissed me off was that the video and their website itself advertised the breakfast items such as Egg Benedict and Salmon Prawn Salad as part of the Brunch Buffet. There is only a total of 7 items which consist of Bulgogi & Mixed Bean Salad, Ricotta Cheese Salad, Soup of the Day, Beef Bulgogi Panini, Spicy Pork Panini, American Breakfast & Egg in Hell that can be choose from. In additional, each item can only order once per person.

This feels like a marketing scam by not advertising things that is not part of the buffet. It is also not stated that each item can order once in the Terms & Condition.

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Order their Wagyu Beef Burger with Foie Gras ($24). It is rare to see a restaurant in a casual area to serve Foie Gras. The patty is the right doneness of Medium Rare and the bun is toasted nicely. The Foie Gras which I was anticipating the most is great too.

Will come back to try other dishes.

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