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Savouring of International, Western dishes like Italian, American & European.
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Not sure is it because I have eaten it for 4 times so got sick of it but this time everything is just dry. Maybe I've eaten too often so got sick of it.

It was my last day at my workplace and decided to have a nice farewell lunch for myself. I ordered the Signature's Harry Burger ($24) and I would say the everything taste good from the sides, fries, to the cheese in the burger.

However, one of the downside is that portion is very small and not filling at all. For $24, I expect the portion to be what usually a standard burger size served in a restaurant. For the portion, it is like between a sider and the usual size a burger is served in s restaurant.

I booked via Eatigo and have 50% off. If without Eatigo, I don't think I will patronised this shop.

4th time coming here and this time have brought a friend along.

Been here for the 4th time, I have tried all their 4 sauces available and my final sauce I had is Spicy Arabbiata Sauce and my first time ordering their Salmon. My previous visit was all Chicken Chop.

I had the Baked Salmon Spicy Arabbiata Sauce ($8.90). The Salmon is quite a thick cut with at least 0.5cm thick and not those tiny slice like what Japanese and Korean food stall usually give. The sauce is great and the amount of cheese was generous.

My friend ordered the Baked Chicken Chop Ham Spicy Arabbiata Sauce ($11) but they mistakenly served him Baked Chicken Chop Ham Spicy Alferdo Sauce instead. As my friend is not a cream lover, he didn't really like it and gave it to me after eating a bit. I ate it and it is good too.

I would like to complement the service provided by the boss. After the lady boss brought on the food from the oven, she wanted to provide a tray for me but it was all whipped out. I wanted to just do 2 trips but the boss came out and brought the food and follow me to the table. I would like to thank you for assistance which you didn't have to do so. Kudos for that.

Ever since I've learnt about the $12 deal of Striploin Steak & Chicken (or Ribeye Steak / Striploin Steak & Prawn for other outlet), I've been wanting to try it but did not do so due to the time constraints from work until today.

It was served in a sizzling hotplate and what's more, they offered table service for their condiment for the baked potato; sour cream, bacon bits & spring onion. Although this condiments is realitvely simple, but being served in such a way really made my dining experience better. It made the baked potato the star of the dish instead of the meat.

This is my first time eating Jack's Place and I really loved it.

Ever since I have been working nearby, I have been wanting to at least try once their salmon and meatball. However, before I could do so, the Circuit Breaker hits and IKEA restaurant was closed for more than 2 months.

Finally when they announced they would be opened on the 29 Jun, I was elated to open one month before my work contract end. I went on a weekday lunch so it wasn't crowded but still have some people there.

I ordered their Meatball which is what most people buy and their Salmon which I have never tried before.

The Salmon fillet is served with potato patty and broccoli. The potato patty is mixed with broccoli which is a unique combination and taste good. However, the broccoli taste mushy. The portion of the Salmon is big too. I would say it is not bad for a family restaurant and it is at an affordable price of $9.90.

Next, I had the 16pcs Swedish Meatballs ($12.50) (2 main dish for myself cause I'm damn hungry haha). The meatball chewy and moist. However, I think it is just alright and I wouldn't come IKEA just for their meatball.

Overall, I feel that being a canteen style family restaurant, it is very good and hope that they introduce more item back in the menu for me to try before my work contract end.

Now that is is Phase 2, we can finally dine in again. I ordered the Crispy Chicken with Rice ($4.20) and when the dish came, I feel so cheated. Previously, the chicken was big, juicy and pipping hot. However, this time the chicken was small, mostly batter and is just warm. The rice portion also got smaller and is lukewarm. I'm disappointed the difference in the standard and if this continues, I don't think I will patronise this shop again.

Was around the vicinity so decided to give this restaurant a try. This time I ordered their baked series which I got Chicken Chop Pomodo Baked Spaghetti ($8.90) & decided to give this unique dish, Truffle Mushroom Pizza ($8.30).

Their baked Spaghetti is heavenly with the generous amount of cheese accompied by their Pomodo sauce. Their pizza is not bad either.

After trying their delicious and affordable Crispy Fish with Rice, I have come down to get their Crispy Chicken With Rice ($4.20).

Look at the amount of chicken they give and each is a big piece. It is so delicious, filling and affordable.

I have passby this shop quite often but didn't want to spurge on Western as it tend to expensive than normal meal.

However, as I was craving for Western today. I decided to try their Crispy Fish with Rice ($4.20). Initially I thought that it will be just normal plain rice. However to my surprise, the rice is fried (not the fried rice that they sell which is more expensive) and the portion of the fish is huge. It was above my expectation. I thought it will just be normal white rice with a a fish half the size what I actually got.

The rice is not bad and the fish is crispy too. For a affordable price of $4.20, it is above expectation.I would try their Crispy Chicken with rice (also $4.20) in the future.

Due to the Circuit Breaker, had to takeaway away instead of having it at the premises itself.

Other than ordering their main dish of Chicken Chop Spicy Alfredo ($6.90). I decided to try their side dish Portobello Mushroom M size ($2.90) too. The Portobello Mushroom had melted mozerella cheese on top which is so delicious.

They can come up with Portobello Mushroom Spaghetti which will be so delicious and vegetarian friendly.

Had being seeing Harry's available around Singapore especially Town area and decided to give it a try by booking via Eatigo.

My friend and I ordered the Amigo Nachos ($19), Wings Platter ($30) & Spicy Chicken Burger ($22).

The Amigo Nachos they offered today change the Beef Chilli Deep to Nacho Cheese as my friend can't eat beef which is a plus point. Mozerella Cheese is melted on top of the Nacho Chips which is new to me and it was a delightful experience.

The Wings Platter consist of 12 chicken wing & drumlet which is a mix of Sriracha Chilli Jam, Harry's Spice & Mirin Soy with 4 each. Nothing really unique other than different sauces and quite pricey as it is $2.50 for each wing or drumlet.

The Spicy Chicken Burger they used a Marinated Fried Chicken Leg and it was tender which is not bad.

With the Eatigo discount of 50%, we paid a total of $41.78. I would come back again to try the other dishes with Eatigo discount. Else, it can be a pricey meal.

My friend introduced Buddy Hoagies to me and to catch up. I have been to Beauty World multiple times but I've never heard of this place before.

For this Steak & Chicken Combo ($17.90++). It is delicious and worth the value. The chicken & steak is cooked perfectly and the ambience of the place is a good place to hang out and catch up.

I wouldn't mind coming here again to try other dishes they offer.

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