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Savouring of International, Western dishes like Italian, American & European.
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Had being seeing Harry's available around Singapore especially Town area and decided to give it a try by booking via Eatigo.

My friend and I ordered the Amigo Nachos ($19), Wings Platter ($30) & Spicy Chicken Burger ($22).

The Amigo Nachos they offered today change the Beef Chilli Deep to Nacho Cheese as my friend can't eat beef which is a plus point. Mozerella Cheese is melted on top of the Nacho Chips which is new to me and it was a delightful experience.

The Wings Platter consist of 12 chicken wing & drumlet which is a mix of Sriracha Chilli Jam, Harry's Spice & Mirin Soy with 4 each. Nothing really unique other than different sauces and quite pricey as it is $2.50 for each wing or drumlet.

The Spicy Chicken Burger they used a Marinated Fried Chicken Leg and it was tender which is not bad.

With the Eatigo discount of 50%, we paid a total of $41.78. I would come back again to try the other dishes with Eatigo discount. Else, it can be a pricey meal.

My friend introduced Buddy Hoagies to me and to catch up. I have been to Beauty World multiple times but I've never heard of this place before.

For this Steak & Chicken Combo ($17.90++). It is delicious and worth the value. The chicken & steak is cooked perfectly and the ambience of the place is a good place to hang out and catch up.

I wouldn't mind coming here again to try other dishes they offer.

Order their Javier's Rotisserie Chicken ($16.90+) & 3 pcs chicken wing ($14.90+). Their mains lack in flavour and meat was mushy.

However, what their famous for is their salad buffet and it sure didn't disappoint. Hot sides include sautéed mushrooms, mashed potato, potato wedge, roasted potato & cheesy pasta. There is 2 soups available which seems to change daily & free flow drinks.

I would come back for their salad buffet but not their main.

It is my first time having fine dining & trying all these food.

I had Crab Cake, Prawn Risotto & Salmon Wellington.

All of them tasted good.

However, as they believed in preparing everything fresh and it was a company event consisting of about 70 pax, the food took very long to come out. We waited for 1.5hr to have our appetizer and another 1hr for entree. I left without eating the dessert as it was late already.

Prize isn't cheap too. I don't think I would ever recommend my friends to come here.

Ordered the Cornflake Chicken ($7.90) and the batter is really crispy and the chicken was tender.

Will try their fried fish one next.

After my friend saw it back at Eatigo again, he asked me out to try this. The last time we had it was 2 years ago.

We ordered Mac n Cheese ($18), Seafood Pizza ($22), Cheese Fries ($8), Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich ($15) & Chocolate Lave Cake ($12).

The Mac n Cheese stands out the most with the how cheesy it is and what's more, there is a whole cheese sausage in it. The Cheese Fries & Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich is average.

What disappoint me was the Seafood Pizza & Chocolate Lava Cake. The Seafood Pizza's dough was hard and dry. It is tough to eat. The Chocolate Lava Cake which is the shop's highlight, was a great disappointment. The Chocolate Lava Cake became smaller than the last time we came and it was served lukewarm instead of pipping hot.

If not for the eatigo discount, I don't think I will come again. In total, we spend $39.94 after eatigo 50% & Friends halalfoodhunt.com 15%.

Hopefully, they will improve their quality of food.

I ordered Butter Bunny ($14.90) which basically a slider which contained smoked salmon, smoked duck & chicken cutlet. I find that the meat is not bad but the burger bun has been toasted too long. The burger bun is too hard to enjoy. If they can toast the burger bun a bit lesser, it would be great.

Good thing all is nett price without GST & service charge. I booked via Eatigo hence 50% off hence only paid $7.45 for my meal

After seeing all the advertisement regarding this stall that was opened by an ex-Ritz Carlton Chef, I decided to give it s try. I ordered the Ma-La Pasta with Batter Chicken ($6.90) & Mentaiko Fries ($4.90).

The Ma-La Pasta has the numbness just like how a 麻 it should be. However, It does not have the flavour and spiciness 辣. Also, the chicken accompanied with it is small. They compensate by having more of the pasta instead to fill your stomach with carbohydrates. It would prefer if they reduced the amount of pasta and increase the portion of chicken.

The Mentaiko Fries is crispy and it has a very unique taste in the batter which is probably their secret recipe.

Overall, this store is a rare find in a hawker centre and would try their other mains in the future such as their Cornflake Chicken.

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My friends and I was around Vivo City and I suggested Poulet as it is Christmas Day and since Turkey is expensive, we shall get Chicken instead. My friends & I shared the French Roast Chicken with Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce ($30.90).

The Chicken is moist which is not bad. The sauce is very creamy which is very delicious. It is the best mushroom sauce I've tasted. However, $30.90 for a whole chicken with no side is quite pricey. To get the side which consist of shoestring fries & vegetables, it would be $36.90 instead. I believed that $30.90 should consist of side without paying the additional $6 for it.

Overall, the dish is not bad but can be pricey.

It was my friend's birthday celebration and we decided to have dinner at Black Tap.

We ordered 2 x The Old Fashioned ($22 each) , The California ($23) & The Greg Norman with fries changed to house salad ($26).

I had the Old Fashioned and it is great. The onion is caramelised nicely and the mushroom was given in generous amount. The beef patty tasted great too. One of my friend ordered the Greg Norman which is waygu beef patty and it is great too. Another of my friend had The Californian which is turkey patty. At first, I told that it would be dry and hardly and flavour. However, I was dead wrong and the turkey is moist and the patty is delicious. It can even compete with the beef patty.

To end our meal, we had the Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake Sake ($22). The served a slice of cheesecake and the top of the shake. However, I was kind of disappointed that the peppermint is those Christmas Candle type. I was expecting those peppermint herb instead. The cheesecake on top is oreo cheesecake and the milkshake is vanilla. I don't see the Chocolate anywhere. I would say it is not bad but do be reminded to share it with other people instead of ordering it one each as you wouldn't be able to finish. Initially, we ordered The Cookie Shake too but they missed it out. Hence, we asked them to cancel it as we are not able to finish the shake that was served to us. It is a blessing in disguise that they missed keying in our order.

Overall, it is a good experience and to try once in a while.

Ordered Hamburger ($13) with All the Way topping. All the way consist of Steak, BBQ & Hot Sauce which the cashier said having all the sauces will tasted weird and recommend me to choose only one sauce. I opt for the Steak Sauce. You may also get extra for each of your topping at no extra cost.

It can be messy eating the burger. After having my first bite. The patty juice oozed out from the burger and drenched my hand. The patty is cooked to order hence explained the juice. The beef patty is moist and not dry. I would say it is not bad and can compete with beef burger in restaurant. It is a sinful meal and can make a grown man who is an average full without the need to order fries or drink. Soft drink is free flow for $5.

Peanut is also free to take as much as you want. The peanut can be quite salty.

Overall, it is not bad but unhealthy as they used peanut oil. I would prefer Shack Shake as it is minimalistic.

After hearing rumor that it was going to close for good during the Taman Jurong Market renovation, I thought I have missed to ever trying again.

However, when I learned that it was going to be reopened on November, I'm glad that it is still there and decided to try it on my off day.

I first ordered their Butternut Chicken Pizza ($6.90). Like what they say, it is the thinnest pizza crust ever. The sauce they use although I don't know what it is (probably their secret recipe), but it was delicious. The pizza crust is so thin that it is like eating a biscuit. I prefer my pizza crust to be those average thick one so it will be good if they offer thick pizza crust as an option. Do give their pizza a try and you will not regret it.

Still wanting to try more of their dishes, I ordered the Chicken Spaghetti Alfredo Sauce ($6.90). The grilled chicken is tender and flavourful and the skin is crispy. It is so delicious. The Alfredo sauce is not bad but can be jialek. Maybe I will order either a different sauce or buy their wedges & coleslaw set next time.

Overall, it is a unique and delicious meal in a hawker centre.

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