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Savouring of International, Western dishes like Italian, American & European.
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

After learning about Beef Wellington costing at a fraction of the price compared to restaurant and their handmade pasta, I decided to give this a shot for my birthday meal.

I ordered their Beef Wellington with Foie Gras & Carbonara Set Meal which cost $36.

The pasta was soft and you can taste that it is handmade compared it to being hard and chewy. Portion of the pasta was big. However, I felt that there isn't much flavour in the pasta.

Next is the main event which is the Beef Wellington which I was aiming for. They used beef tenderloin which is an expensive cut of meat and it is chewy. The Foie Gras just melt in your mouth. The puff pastry is buttery and the grounded mushroom inside it. For the Ala Carte price of $31, I like it. The vegetables provided I felt that it could be improved by drizzling olive oil and not use red cabbage.

After searching for a buffet with crab, I have managed to find this newly renovated restaurant. We booked via Eatigo and there was 50% at the timing we booked at 9pm. Tried to go earlier but they only allow us to dine in at 8.45pm as restaurant is almost full house.

They offer variety of local, Japanese and western dishes. They have lobster available too.

There are four type of crab they offered and it was not great but still acceptable.

With the Eatigo discount, I only need to pay $29++ each and total of $136.53 for 4 pax.

It is not bad for the price and location so do give it a try.

First time having a steak buffet and it was not bad. Decent quality meat for a buffet and they served plain water for free.

I was able to eat 3 x ribeye, 3 x striploin & 3 x pork rib with some sides. Overall, $33 for a meat buffet is worth it if you really can eat.

We didn't able to book as reservation was full and there is limited slot for walk in. Hence, my friends and I purposely came even before there are open. The shopkeeper mentioned to us that we able to eat till from 5pm to 6.15pm as they have the table reserved after that which we complied to it.

Shopkeepers are nice and the buffet is worth it. I would recommend once done eating halfway, just order again as there would be quite a wait especially late dinner time.

Price is affordable at $6.50.

However, the meat was quite tough and there was barely cheese inside.

For a price of $6.50, can't really expect much

After hearing how good Arnold's fried chicken are, I decided to give it a try as I was passing by.

The chicken is cooked upon order so you can ensure hot pipping chicken. The skin was crispy but I felt that the meat tasted weird. Not sure if that it is supposed to be this way or it was spoilt.

Had the student meal of their classic Fish & Chip. Price was resonable of $9.90 and fish was not bad.

I'm back again and this time, ordered their Salmon pizza ($8.90). They are generous with their salmon and it is so delicious

I'm back again and this time, I tried their smoked duck. However, I feel that it is a disappointment this time. There is only 5 pieces which is not enough. I know that they want to keep the price of $8.90 but 5 pieces is really too little.

I ordered the Steak New Zealand Stirloin Steak ($18) with the sides of Parmesan Aspergaus & Mash Potato.

I'm surprised they offered Aspergaus as one of side dish choices as it is well know that Aspergaus is the most expensive vegetable. The mashed potato even without the sauce, is great by itself. For the steak, is it quite thick cut and I enjoyed it.

My first experience in iSTEAKS is great and I will definitely try patronise iSTEAKS if I happened to pass by their shop.

Ordered the Fried Fish ($7.90) and the owner mentioned that he had tried a new tartar sauce recipe and asked me to give it a try and let him know.

The fried fish never disappoint me. Crispy and delicious batter. Their batter is always savory and good.

For the tartar sauce, it is quite light. The owner used chilli, ketchup, mayo and pickle for it. I would say it is refreshing and a good experiment and something unique.

Not sure is it because I have eaten it for 4 times so got sick of it but this time everything is just dry. Maybe I've eaten too often so got sick of it.

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It was my last day at my workplace and decided to have a nice farewell lunch for myself. I ordered the Signature's Harry Burger ($24) and I would say the everything taste good from the sides, fries, to the cheese in the burger.

However, one of the downside is that portion is very small and not filling at all. For $24, I expect the portion to be what usually a standard burger size served in a restaurant. For the portion, it is like between a sider and the usual size a burger is served in s restaurant.

I booked via Eatigo and have 50% off. If without Eatigo, I don't think I will patronised this shop.

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