This purple goodness can honestly imo be eaten for breakfast lunch, linner dinner etc. Finally decided on getting coco glow and the much missed ch-ch-ch-chia flavours(tough life decisions cuz all of them looked so good!!) the coco glow had layers of flavourful coconut sorbet alternating with acai. The chia pudding was also a really good complement to the açai(not to mention super healthy!!) There was also lots of granola and nuts in the between the layers which I really liked as it added a crunch. The toppings were quite generous, with a heaping teaspoon of each topping, including superfoods like goji berries and coconut shavings. However, I would have preferred more blueberries(they literally only counted 4-5 per cup even if it was the largest size😒😒). Other than that, the acai was not diluted and didn’t melt too fast which allowed us to really enjoy the whole big cup of it. It’s also not to sweet but enough to satisfy the sweet tooth in me. Not to mention omg this place has like THE BEST almond butter topping like honestly if y’all are a fan of nut butters you have to try this!! It has the perfect balance of chunky and smooth and buttery.. yums!! Definitely worth splurging for!!
P.s : Love that the cups are also environmentally friendly!!
🦷: coco glow! — 13.90(front);
ch-ch-ch-Chia — $14.30
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