Been some time since I last had kajiken, and it is still good! The thick, chewy noodles were piping hot and cooked till al dente, had a nice bite to it as it’s thicker than meekia / ramen. The sauce at the bottom is more than enough - it’s a savoury sauce that is flavourful but not too greasy or salty. The onsen egg came with a runny yolk, and the charsiew was lean but tender, nicely marinated! I wish there were more scallions tho. Did not like the bamboo shoots here - there was this slight 臭味. Comes with a bowl of soup that tasted like a chicken stock, not super tasty but not rly bland either.

They serve free flow cold roasted tea too!! I don’t usually drink beverages other than water but I always like this - it’s sugar-free and has a nice roasty taste.

Between this and the Taiwan mazesoba Nagoya style, I preferred this as it wasn’t as zhongkouwei. Portion size is good for me, was filled but not stuffed!