aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Soba was ok, it's not soggy and better than average (cafes, non-Japanese soba specialty restaurants) but I've had better. It lacks that nice slurpy smooth bite. The soup was a bit too strong/sweet. For ingredients there are: 1 bunch of enoki, napa cabbage, a carrot, some fatty thin slices of beef, an onsen egg. Overall ok but nothing special, I wouldn't queue for this so I don't understand why there's a queue. Portions are quite big, we were all rather full.

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It is quite small, so it’s good for sharing between 2, but we had a group of 4 so I had a small bite. I thought it was quite nice, my mom really liked it. The egg custard was silky smooth, with a broth that was tasty but light, and filled with ingredients like chicken, prawn, mushrooms, and ginkgo. The menu says it’s topped with mushroom and carrot ankake sauce so I guess that is what the broth is.

Flame-seared seafood mix of diced salmon, scallop, prawn, grilled eel, salmon roe and smelt roe served in metal pot with flavoured steamed rice. Set includes choice of 3 mini side dishes & miso soup.

A bit pricey for a regular lunch, but this was satisfying! The kamemeshi rice is tasty but not heavily seasoned, I liked the light flavour that wasn’t too salty or sweet. Seafood was quite fresh, had a nice bite and not overcooked. It was smaller than I expected, which is good bc it’s not too filling since there’s also sides. I was afraid it was going to be a big pot of rice so thankfully it wasn’t!

The sides were quite good too. I got the mix kaisen yamakake - raw salmon with grated yam (didn’t like the slimy yam); the salmon nanbanzuke tasted like onigiri salmon, a strangely familiar taste but the batter was soggy as it is soaked in vinegar; the pickled radish w herring roe was vvv nice, I liked the yuzu flavour and the refreshing tartness, the herring roe was v interesting kinda reminded me of sea grapes/tobiko??

Miso soup was normal, tasted like the same type as uya (which is different from normal Japanese casual restaurants like ichiban/sushi tei).

Overall while I don’t think there’s a big wow factor, somehow I still I really enjoyed my meal and would defo be back!

I’ve only been to 2 okonomiyaki specialty stores in sg - ajiya and seiwaa, and I much preferred ajiya.

The okonomiyaki here has a nice crispy base (formed mostly by the pork belly), and as it’s left on the heated countertop it remains piping hot throughout your meal. It’s creamy but not in a cloying manner, and flavourful - there’s sweet, savoury, and tangy. Wouldn’t be complete without okonomiyaki sauce and bonito flakes! I find it a little pricey given the ingredients (only 3-4 thin slices of pork belly, some tako and the various veggies in the eggy batter) but it was very enjoyable.

cold ramen topped with ham, egg strips, surimi crabmeat and vegetables with tangy sauce

I looove this bowl of noodles. I’ve had it twice and I still think I will order this each time we’re here. The ramen could be have more of a bite, it’s rather soft. The yellow noodles made me worried that it would be alkaline-tasting, but it’s really not and the flavour comes mostly from the light soy+citrus (?) sauce. The sauce is savoury, tangy, and very refreshing because it’s cold. I don’t like ham and fake crabmeat so I would rather they replaced it, but I like the addition of the tobiko and crunchy cucumber, which further added to the refreshing taste of the dish.

I think this is a perfect dish to balance out the heavier flavours of the okonomiyaki and sides.

I’m not someone who loves mentai, I like it when I have it, but I wouldn’t actively want to order it, not sure why. But this was pretty good, I would order again! It’s very flavourful without being too salty or cheesy. And the slices of potato are thin enough such that it’s a nice snack, not too filling, yet not too thin that you feel ridiculous paying $12 for a plate of potatoes. The potatoes were soft but not mushy, save for a single piece that was a bit too crunchy (raw ish) for my liking. Served on a hot plate so your food is warm/hot even till the last piece.

My first time trying! Was p decent, beef slices and onions were thin and soft, rice was of decent quality (but tori q is still better) and sauce wasn’t too sweet or salty. Not too dry nor saucy! Mixing a runny egg yolk into the rice and beef was tasty. Miso soup was q standard, had quite a bit of kelp. Kangkong was alright, crunchy and had lots of chopped garlic. They served us roasted rice tea upon being seated.

Overall pretty decent and cheap compared to other options in the mall cluster. I wouldn’t mind returning to try other items, but I won’t actively *want* to go~

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Fresh salmon, swordfish, tuna, scallops, prawns, ikura with marinated sushi rice

Similar to the regular bara chirashi, except with more salmon/swordfish/tuna, and more variety - fresh, succulent scallops and prawns.

Fresh salmon, swordfish, tuna, ikura over marinated sushi rice

The fish were fresh and cut into thicc slices. I usually like swordfish the most and while their swordfish was good, I surprisingly enjoyed the salmon more than usual - it was juicy, smooth and tasty. Their tuna was not bad too. Ikura tasted different, had a bit of the healthy fish oil taste? My bf’s portion tasted like the typical ikura tho so maybe it’s just my portion. The marinated sushi rice was lightly vinegary and plump, pretty nice.

Portions were generous despite the bowl not looking huge. I was v full for this lunch.

What an unexpected find! Nice to know of this izakaya in the north :) I will be back to try other menu items!

Amazing grilled fish - crisp skin, flesh is super succulent and juicy, has a v nice bite to it. I love it so much!! It’s served with soft, pearly rice, pickles, salad (thinly sliced cabbage in sesame sauce), and miso soup. They also serve tea which was v nice and roasty. I was super full after that but very satisfied~

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Black pork, shimeji mushroom & assorted capsicums with yakiniku sauce & poached egg on rice bowl & miso soup

Was decent, pork could have been thicker and juicier but it wasn’t dry, mushrooms and capsicums were tasty, and a runny yolk is always welcome. Rice was alright, not of poor quality but also not as moist/pearly/sticky as other good Japanese restaurants.

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Seafood was pretty fresh, I particularly liked the flounder! The sashimi was sliced pretty thinly tho, would have appreciated slightly thicker cuts. Rice was pearly and sticky, was of good quality! The set also came with miso soup, chawanmushi, salad with wafu dressing, and fresh fruits. Overall it was above average! I would rather have this over the nearby 2 Japanese restaurants, felt more like an authentic Japanese restaurant over those. Would return if I feel like having something more bougie!

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram: @coldbutter.sg

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