aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

First time trying this - I usually go for the tonkotsu, and surprisingly I prefer the bonito soup. The bonito ramen comes with chicken x bonito x pork soup, with tender thin pork cha-shu, bamboo shoots, seaweed, and spring onions.

Comparing the soups, the tonkotsu has a more thicc and creamy texture (the collagen!), while the bonito is more flavourful (umami from the bonito I guess) but the mouthfeel is cleaner and easier to drink bc it’s not as creamy (less collagen?).

Also this comes with a thicker noodle as opposed to the regular thin noodles in all their other ramens. It’s nice too, but I am a sucker for their thin noodles which are more outstanding to me. Either way, still my fav ramen spot in sg! Maybe I’ll try to see if I can order bonito ramen with thin noodles bc that would be my ideal combo!

first bite to this noodles were amazing too I loved the pork belly so much that umami flavour that blended so well with the savoury noodles!!!! didn’t expect this at all

Overall loved the experience, the food, the vibes!!! Highly recommend!!!

we loved these the most wow the fresh huge juicy scallops grilled in that sinful generous hot mentaiko sauce… so so yummy and I truly savoured each moment each bite 🥲

Awww it was such a beautiful mindblowing moment at Ajiya :”) went there for the DIY okonomiyaki but wow the other cooked dishes blew our minds….

Okonomiyaki: we chose octopus, smoked duck & cheese / it was interesting and fun making it myself (with the chefs constantly watching out for us - slightly stressed HAHHA but they were rlly sweet to give us advises too and make sure we don’t burn our food…) but the whole process took about 10 mins to cook and you can design your own shape & spam all the toppings. Taste wise yummy but fared slightly lower in comparison to the other dishes

The chicken ramen broth was v delicious - it wasn’t v thick but it had a somewhat creamy, strong chicken flavour. Only thing is that it was quite oily. The noodles were al dente as well, and it came with black fungus plus scallions, and 2 “grilled chicken”. Wouldn’t recommend this tho, despite the delish soup, because the “grilled chicken” was just sliced chicken rolled into medallions, and they were of terrible quality - tastes like frozen chicken u get at food courts and places like pho street, shan cheng etc. Rly such a pity bc it would have been a great bowl of chicken ramen had they just invested in a better chicken supplier 😢

Gyoza is the kind with a skirt; I wished it was more crisp. It was better when I had it 4 years ago. The filling is still nice, juicy and not too strongly flavoured, gyoza skin was also moist and not hard. Served with a slightly tangy + salty dipping sauce!

Noodles were al dente, decent but not as good as hakata ikkousha’s. The broth was flavourful with a soya sauce taste, not too salty but still slightly stronger / zhong kou wei than I had expected, given that I had alr chosen the ‘light’ soup. It’s a bit oily tbh. They could have strained the soup bc I spent some time scooping up all the fats floating around. The thick cut cha shu was good - pretty lean and tender, torched at the top, and had a very meaty taste. Tho it’s not the *most* tender it’s by no means dry/tough. Bamboo shoots were juicy and they didn’t have that weird canned smell so I enjoyed eating it! Also comes with seaweed and scallions.

The egg. Omg the egg was beautiful. The egg white was sooo soft and supple, yolks were jammy and the flavour of the eggs was rly delish. Not too sweet / salty.

A rather enjoyable meal especially on a cold rainy day. Worth a revisit! Tho it doesn’t trump my fav ramen from hakata ikkousha, it’s a pretty good option!

Yummy! The udon was of good quality and quite qq, better than the average udon which doesn’t have as nice a bite to it. The soup was clear and light, and the burdock tempura was good too - crisp and the thin strips of burdock had a pleasant fibrousy texture, but was still very easy to eat. It was a little oily tho, but thankfully it didn’t leave a greasy aftertaste.

The self-add-on toppings like shredded seaweed, spring onions, chili powder, and tempura bits was a nice touch, this way you can customise the type and amount of topping to your liking. I didn’t try the tempura bits but it looked quite crisp.

Come before 11.45 or else the queues may get quite long!

Been some time since I last had kajiken, and it is still good! The thick, chewy noodles were piping hot and cooked till al dente, had a nice bite to it as it’s thicker than meekia / ramen. The sauce at the bottom is more than enough - it’s a savoury sauce that is flavourful but not too greasy or salty. The onsen egg came with a runny yolk, and the charsiew was lean but tender, nicely marinated! I wish there were more scallions tho. Did not like the bamboo shoots here - there was this slight 臭味. Comes with a bowl of soup that tasted like a chicken stock, not super tasty but not rly bland either.

They serve free flow cold roasted tea too!! I don’t usually drink beverages other than water but I always like this - it’s sugar-free and has a nice roasty taste.

Between this and the Taiwan mazesoba Nagoya style, I preferred this as it wasn’t as zhongkouwei. Portion size is good for me, was filled but not stuffed!

finally tried this aft so long! have always loved waacow since nus days 😋 first of all the mentaiko scallops were so so glorious and delicious they are so generous with their mentaiko sauce and the scallops were so fresh and grilled to perfection!! Had 5-6 scallops each too! My main was mentaiko salmon - had the best of both worlds of raw and cooked salmon! the inside of the salmon was still raw and the external was crispily grilled! also paired our food with 1 pint of asahi each!! VERY FILLING TOO FULL


We both got the mini as we weren’t feeling very hungry, and while I was sufficiently filled, I got hungry more quickly before the next meal, so maybe just get the normal sized ones 😂 The rice to fish ratio was okay tho! There was enough rice for the amount of fish.

The cubed sashimi (salmon, tuna, yellowtail(?), scallop) was reasonably fresh and chunky, devoid of any fishy taste. Tamago was decent, less sweet than usual. The sweet sauce drizzled on the rice was alright, and while good quality Japanese short grain rice, I do wish it came a bit stickier.

Each bowl comes w some raw lettuce w cherry tomatoes, plus miso soup that had dried scallop in it!

Overall thought that this was a nice clean meal, though I felt like it was missing a little oomph. Will be back to give them another try - eyeing the aburi chirashi don next!

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Chicken karaage was juicy and moist and crisp - the batter is v thin and light so you're not getting a lot of flour. Apparently this Johnny’s Karaage won the gold meal for 11 consecutive years in the Japan karaage Grand Prix! I don’t usually eat much deep fried foods but this was definitely a good karaage.

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This was very good - saba was grilled wonderfully! enjoyed the thin crisp skin and juicy tender flesh that was piping hot.

The grilled squid was not bad too, especially the charred parts (the tentacles). It wasn’t rubbery / tough. But the star of the meal was still the saba. The rice was of good quality too; sticky & plump & moist.

This set comes with 2 miso soups and 2 bowls of rice. Great for a party of 3! If you go on dates with the number ‘3’ or ‘8’ you can get to enjoy discounted prices!! That’s bc 3 and 8 sound like saba hahaha how cute is that 😌

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram: @coldbutter.sg

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