aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

This was quite tasty, noodles had a nice bite and was tossed in a sauce that wasn’t really spicy (it’s supposed to be spicy) so that’s good for me as I find that spicy stuff tend to mask the natural flavours and goodness of a dish. Tempura vegetables were crisp and pretty decent. Shared this but I wouldn’t mind having a full bowl by myself!

The tonkatsu was pretty nice, exterior was crisp and the pork was relatively tender. Japanese rice was of good quality. Pickles were average. We liked the shredded cabbage with their “cabbage sauce” which was placed on every table so you could add the amount to your liking. It was sliced thinly and pretty refreshing. Both the rice and cabbage are free flow! Also, the miso soup is quite interesting, it comes with yuzu which provided a layer of citrus flavour which was rather pleasant.

They also give toasted white sesame seeds in a bowl specially designed for grinding the seeds, and it was really fragrant. We dipped the tonkatsu with the sauce provided + ground sesame seeds, which upped the flavour profile!

Got this because there was the “recommended” sign on the menu, but I think you can just get the seafood okonomiyaki ($16) because there wasn’t a lot of pork, and the small pork slices don’t really do much. It’s pretty decent and quite thick, but not amazing. Maybe I’m not that big of a fan, neither have I tried enough to comment if this is comparatively good.

They do have free flow bonito flakes, mayo and okonomiyaki sauce which you can add to your liking! Adding the bonito flakes made it more flavourful. Also, I don’t really reach out for mayo but I have to say that it was quite yummy with the okonomiyaki!

Got this with 1-4-1 on burpple beyond. Udon was chewy, soup was clear but pretty salty and sweet, please don’t drink too much of it haha. Beef slices were vv thin, shabu shabu style. Was alright, nicer than the pork slices in my cousin’s pork egg udon. Tempura was crisp, onsen egg was nicely cooked and flowy. Overall, decent but nothing outstanding. Might try the kake udon if I do return, think that's more to my palate.

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Felt that the soba wasn’t impressive enough for a specialty soba shop. It was alright but still lacked the very qq texture I had expected (I had one really good one once but I can’t rmb where 😭). The broth is nice tho! It’s even nicer when you add the bonito broth (that they provide in a flask at every table). Tempura was crunchy, liked the pumpkin best, the rest were alright but I found the shrimp one a bit floury. The chicken soba soup had a more savoury-sweet taste, but was too heavy. The leek in it was really nice! The rest of the ingredients were pretty standard. Not sure if I’ll return specially for this, as my go-to Japanese restaurant (sakuraya at west coast plaza) serves yummier soba at a cheaper price point.

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Pretty worth with the BB 1-1 set - SUPER FILLING! They are really generous with their eggs + rice + ebi + chicken :-) I especially liked the well-cooked fluffy eggs on the rice blended with the chicken 😋 prawn was average, nothing to pick on. Came with a serving of chicken skin, satisfactory!

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Serving wasn’t huge but I wasn’t hungry so it’s cool (even glad that they have this when I couldn’t down a rice bowl!) but anyways the mantou was SUPER crispy couldn’t even feel the bun part much! While the Mentaiko salmon was good and fresh too I was confused by the combination w the mantou HAHA would prob taste better separately?

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The salmon cubes were limp and didn’t have a bite to it, and the scallops were too thin. There was a nice smoky flavour, and the egg roe provided some crunch, but other than that, the bowl was really meh. They didn’t even use Japanese rice :( The special salmon had too much mayo, so take note if you’re intending to get that! My dining partner also remarked that the portions were too small for him, but I found it just nice.

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This place is my family’s go-to casual Japanese restaurant! We enjoy the cha soba, which has a good bite. The tempura batter is light and crunchy - not oily nor cloying. Food here is generally good and comforting :)

The seafood chunks (tuna, salmon, squid, prawn, tako) were fresh, and the sweet sauce drizzled in the rice was delicious as well. The spicy dashi one was indeed spicy, with a heat that builds up as you eat. We added on the premium set (+$8), which had pretty decent tasting components. But I prob wouldn’t do an add-on next time :p

Omoté serves satisfying chirashi dons, and is a place that we’ll always come back to whenever a craving hits :)

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Topped up $0.50 to change brown rice to spinach!! Overall not a huge portion (even for the salmon unlike the other reviews) and didn’t feel that there was much Mentaiko as well (?) but I still enjoyed my healthy meal !!! The onsen egg paired well with the vegetables and the salmon was well-cooked!

The premium chirashi came with tuna belly, salmon belly, amberjack, snapper, salmon roe & botan shrimp. The jin chirashi came with salmon, tuna, scallop, sweet prawn, sea urchin, white tuna & salmon roe.

These were pretty good chirashi dons! The tamago was really nice, and the rice was well-flavoured as they added ume which I really enjoyed. Standout components: tuna belly, snapper, & salmon roe. The rest were also rather fresh, but we would have preferred if the white tuna served to us didn’t contain bits of bloody parts.

We got this at 40% discount with eatigo! It’s quite a steal with the discount, and the portions are also very generous.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram: @coldbutter.sg

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