aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Had tempura tenya tendon over the weekend (the corner casual jap restaurant next to maccha house in OC basement!!)! It was an hour long (...) wait at 1.30pm on a Saturday and I must say with that wait, the food really wasnโ€™t that mind blowing ๐Ÿ˜” service was good food is affordable ingredients are standard (not crazy lot)!! Felt that although the ingredients were fried on the spot, it wasnโ€™t crispy ๐Ÿ˜” both of us def had much better tendons elsewhere (shoutout to Tendon Kohaku ๐Ÿฅฐ). For this price point itโ€™s ok worth a try??? But wouldnโ€™t go back with that hour long queue! We also tried the $2 Hokkaido milk soft serve! Both agreed that it tasted like macs ice-cream hahhahah ๐Ÿ˜… not that itโ€™s a bad thing but might as well head to macs...

I didnโ€™t remember waacow being ssooooo good or was I particularly hungry... but somehow the taste was elevated having it takeaway perhaps the shoyu sauce that soaked the fish was super concentrated in that bowl of goodness!! Very amazed very touched plenty of different raw fish - tuna, salmon, squid, prawn ๐Ÿ˜‹ super fresh very touched ๐Ÿฅบ would order again!!

We got the ๅฐ่พฃ! You can opt for zero or a stronger spice level (in the form of chili powder). The noodles were nicer here, as they were springy and tossed in a flavourful, creamy peanut sauce. There were very tender chashu cubes, minced pork, crunchy white onions (that was slightly too raw for my liking), fried onions (v fragrant!), pickles, and mizuna (I generally donโ€™t like sprouts like these). It also came with an onsen egg that was separately plated, and a bowl of vvv light but smoky clear soup. The soup was like the one in the dashi noodles, but much lighter. Enjoyed this bowl of noodles, but Iโ€™m glad I shared it because I can imagine it getting quite jelat at the end. You can also add vinegar to it - there are 3 types (spicy, orange and kelp), which loosens up sauce and makes it less heavy. Liked the orange vinegar the best! The spicy one added some spice, and the kelp one was v subtle.

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The noodles were like a slightly thicker mee pok - i would liken these noodles to the noodles from lao huang hakka ytf / koo kee ytf. It was done al dente, and provides a different mouthfeel compared to handmade ban mian. There were chopped onions, leafy greens (it had slightly smoky flavours! surprising bc I thought it was just going to be the average overlooked veg), 2 slices of tender smoky duck, yuzu peels, a slice of narutomaki, and a thick slice of chashu. I liked the chashu a lot, it was smoky and charred, not salty, and with a good balance of fat and lean. No hate but I usually donโ€™t eat the fatty part bc itโ€™s too heavy / greasy + I donโ€™t like the mouthfeel, but this one was very pleasant and melts in the mouth. The soup was very light and clear but flavourful! This is a pretty good bowl of soup noodles - itโ€™s delicious but light on the palate. Although the noodles are not my personal favourite (I prefer smth like a chasoba / hakataโ€™s ramen), I would be back for this even though itโ€™s way above my usual

The uni pasta looked damn good basking in the sunset glow, and tasted pretty good too. The cold pasta (didn't rly taste like pasta, maybe it's somen?) with truffle mushroom cream sauce was light and refreshing - neither the truffle or cream overwhelmed the other. The uni was really fresh and sweet, I've had underwhelming uni at other japanese places so this helped to redeem the rep of uni :-) It also came with sakura ebi, and bursting ikura. Portion is pretty small (kinda a starter size) but we we just happened to be not very hungry so it was fine.


We were blown away by this seared swordfish steak. Iโ€™ve never had fish like this before, it was very meaty and rightfully named - itโ€™s the most โ€œsteakโ€-ish fish I tried. Super juicy, wonderful textures and flavours. It comes with a spicy shoyu glaze (not spicy tbh) and some asparagus and ginger garnish. Itโ€™s quite small though, so if youโ€™re sharing itโ€™s going to disappear quickly. Would definitely recommend this!! Plus itโ€™s on burpple beyond so itโ€™s even more affordable :)

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Reviewed this before, and while itโ€™s still nice and I like it, I have come to realise that the chestnuts probably have sugar added to them which is why itโ€™s quite sweet! And not a natural sweetness as I had previously thought.

The glutinous rice has a briny flavour from the seaweed, was quite yummy! The scallops are surprisingly good in terms of texture & taste, maybe because I didnโ€™t expect much. It was cooked quite nicely (not overcooked / mushy)! The edamame gives some additional flavour.

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This was quite tasty, noodles had a nice bite and was tossed in a sauce that wasnโ€™t really spicy (itโ€™s supposed to be spicy) so thatโ€™s good for me as I find that spicy stuff tend to mask the natural flavours and goodness of a dish. Tempura vegetables were crisp and pretty decent. Shared this but I wouldnโ€™t mind having a full bowl by myself!

The tonkatsu was pretty nice, exterior was crisp and the pork was relatively tender. Japanese rice was of good quality. Pickles were average. We liked the shredded cabbage with their โ€œcabbage sauceโ€ which was placed on every table so you could add the amount to your liking. It was sliced thinly and pretty refreshing. Both the rice and cabbage are free flow! Also, the miso soup is quite interesting, it comes with yuzu which provided a layer of citrus flavour which was rather pleasant.

They also give toasted white sesame seeds in a bowl specially designed for grinding the seeds, and it was really fragrant. We dipped the tonkatsu with the sauce provided + ground sesame seeds, which upped the flavour profile!

Got this because there was the โ€œrecommendedโ€ sign on the menu, but I think you can just get the seafood okonomiyaki ($16) because there wasnโ€™t a lot of pork, and the small pork slices donโ€™t really do much. Itโ€™s pretty decent and quite thick, but not amazing. Maybe Iโ€™m not that big of a fan, neither have I tried enough to comment if this is comparatively good.

They do have free flow bonito flakes, mayo and okonomiyaki sauce which you can add to your liking! Adding the bonito flakes made it more flavourful. Also, I donโ€™t really reach out for mayo but I have to say that it was quite yummy with the okonomiyaki!

Got this with 1-4-1 on burpple beyond. Udon was chewy, soup was clear but pretty salty and sweet, please donโ€™t drink too much of it haha. Beef slices were vv thin, shabu shabu style. Was alright, nicer than the pork slices in my cousinโ€™s pork egg udon. Tempura was crisp, onsen egg was nicely cooked and flowy. Overall, decent but nothing outstanding. Might try the kake udon if I do return, think that's more to my palate.

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