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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Housed in SMU, it’s a really affordable and good don place - nothing to pick on! Soba was good!!!! But don’t expect too much from the salmon too (not poke kind of salmon) would probably try chicken/duck the next time round :-)

Very generous serving of fish and the small size was a good portion for me!!!!!! Very very satisfied and worth!!!!

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The thin noodles was what I enjoyed most about this bowl. They were springy and delicious! The broth was rich but not too cloying, and the 3 slices of chashu was a good mix of lean & fat. This was a very enjoyable bowl of ramen and I’m not even a ramen person. My parents love it too! They were the ones who found this place in their trip to melbs previously, and were excited to let us try it :)

The glutinous rice is good! Even nicer when you sprinkle the sesame seeds which act as the seasoning (it’s salty). The best thing was the chestnut, which was so damn delish!! The natural sweetness of the chestnut really came through :)

The lunch set comes with a salad, 3 slices of sashimi (which were pretty fresh), rice, pickles, soup & matcha ice cream. The unagi was huge! I enjoyed it, they didn’t overdo it with the sweet teriyaki sauce. The matcha ice cream was decent. I tried the yuzu ice cream (comes with the donburi set) and it was very refreshing!

This was a decent meal but it didn’t really meet my expectations sadly. A bit pricey, but thankfully this restaurant is on eatigo. The chef & the service staff were very friendly though!

Preferred the Nagoya style one, which came with spicy minced meat and chives + an onset egg. The noodles are thicker than regular ramen / meekia! Enjoyed the flavourful combi of the sauce + meat + chives. Reminds me of dtf’s zhajiangmian which I really like, and at $12.80 (made more affordable with beyond) I would come back!

The mentaiko one was a little jelat for my lunch buddy, and he felt like he shouldn’t have mixed in all the mayo. I thought it was fine but that was probably because I had a small portion of it.

Omaiiii another super affordable Jap place with SO MUCH variety!!!! Super worth student meal both sets cost $26.80 in the end and there was SO MUCH food!!! Pork Shabu in Dashi (seafood) stock WAS so flavourful which was totally unexpected and so much pork were served. Tendon was YUMS too!! Tempura fish, chicken, potato, prawns 😍 queue can be slightly long on a weekday aft but worth!!

One of my fav places for good jap don!!! And it’s super affordable (even for UNAGI) without BB too!!!! Thick generous slices of unagi on rice glazed on sweet savoury teriyaki (??) sauce 😍

Favourite tendon place once again!!!!! Always too much for one person but I love it!!! Got the original sauce + Japanese white rice noms and comes with free flow sauce as well 😍 what a treatttt

This place exceeded my expectations! Wandered in at about 9pm (no queue) bc we had no idea what to have for dinner.

The yuzu ramen has a light but flavourful broth with strong yuzu taste, and I like it more than the standard tonkotsu broth. It doesn’t get jelat! Noodles were a bit thinner and had a softer texture compared to the tsukumen / regular ramen but I didn’t mind it at all! The egg was soft w a runny yolk which was nice.

The yuzu tsukemen tho. It’s served cold with a delicious yuzu-soy dipping sauce which hit all the right notes. The meat was lean with some fat, it was q tasty! The egg in this was a little less runny than the egg in the yuzu ramen, so kinda inconsistent. But I realllyyy liked the tsukumen and I would come back for this. The sauce is rly gr8!!

The gyoza was okay only bc it wasn’t crispy. But still pretty decent.

I think the bad reviews for this place is bc Singaporeans r used to heavier stronger flavours and hence don’t appreciate such food.

What a treat!!!! Good food in nus but the mentaiko sauce can be too gelat after a while; generous serving of sashimi as well! Got a side - fried mushroom with truffle mushroom sauce (good for sharing)

Hitsumabushi came with grate-it-urself wasabi, seaweed soup, broth & pickles while the Kimo Don was unagi + eel liver and cane with seaweed soup, pickles and a cold tofu. The unagi was rly good and grilled well, we enjoyed it a lot! Slightly crisp at the edges and soft on the inside with great unagi taste :) there are also sauces (spicy, unagi & sweet sauce) on each table for u to add to ur liking! Queued 1 hour for this but worth

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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