I confess I may be slightly obsessed with Straits Express Restaurant + Bar. Within the space of four days, I have been there three times. My excuse is their menu is extensive with so many dishes I want to try! So, on my third visit tonight, not counting the dishes we had to order again because we liked them a lot on our previous trip, here're four new ones (shown clockwise from top left):
Achar: I loved this because it's sour, crunchy and fragrant enough to (almost) match the one my Peranakan maternal grandma use to make.
Brinjal with Pork Floss: The big wedges of battered and deepfried brinjal were surprisingly not oily. Instead, they were light, crunchy and very aromatic from the generous amount of curry leaves.
Penang Curry Chicken: This was spicy but had a different smell and taste from our Singapore style of curry chicken. It did not seem to have any coconut milk despite the thick texture of the curry. I liked it but not everyone was a fan.
Babi Pongteh: This deserves to be Burppled again because it's THAT GOOD. Voted top dish of the night by our group of diners.