Ok this place was pretty inaccessible but the food was legit worth it. Had the Australian 100 days Grain- Fed Striploin Steak (250gm) ($22 +2 for truffle fries). It came with fries (+$2 for truffle fries), a salad (sauce was meh), caramelised onions and brown sauce. The outer layer has this nice crisp while the meat was soOoOoOooO juicy and well seasoned :’). ESPECIALLY WHEN I ATE IT WITH THE FATS oh man, crying internally cus i miss it so much while typing this. Had it with their beer on tap ($11 I THINK i can’t remember). He had Angus Flank Steak “served Medium Rare” ($22) with bottled beer but overall i still prefer mine. can’t wait to head back for their pasta n maybe even more steak wuuhuuuu

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