Every time I come here, it's always packed with people and their desserts run out fast too.

Clockwise: Chicken nugget cutlet, sweet chinese pancake, egg shaped meat ball, savory chinese pancake, mixed fruit shaved ice, Mango Loh, ginkgo nut barley and steamed radish cake.
First, the mango loh aka shaved iced with mango sago purée and chunks of mango. This is my MUST TRY MUST ORDER dessert. It's amazing. The purée isn't too sweet. It's enough to cover all the ice, there's some at the bottom too! Cold and satisfying. They have other flavours too. Like strawberry, kiwi, red bean(?) and etc. Quite big portion too!

Next, steamed radish cake. Steamed ones are not common as they are always fried with veggies or by itself. So it's a double thumbs up for me here. You can taste the radish perfectly and aroma of dried shrimps too. Dip it with some chilly paste/sambal, you'll have a party in your mouth. I really love the steamed one.
Third, chinese pancakes. Comes in sweet and savory, try both! The sweet goes well with their hot desserts/tong sui or just by itself! Crispy on the outside, sweet on the inside. The savory is like a crispier and square Korean pancake.
Fourth, ginkgo barley and red bean. The ginkgo dessert is not so visible here. It's behind the mango loh. It's sweet enough with barley taste and ginkgo nuts. Better than Dragon-I. They ran out of red bean which would have went super well with the sweet pancakes. Told you they'd run out of desserts fast!

The chicken cutlet was nothing special. Just pure grease. The mixed fruit shaved ice tasted OKAY. Nothing special. The ice is just a little sour from lime juice. The egg shaped meatball is not bad too. The staffs would recommend it. Worth a try! But it's just not my cup of tea.
Food: 9/10 Price: 7/10 (Quite reasonable but if you order a lot it does adds up. Just like dim sum. My bill came up to RM 60+. Mango Loh costs RM 10.90 but I can't remember the rest.)