Tan Yu recently launched two family meals for delivery on GrabFood - the Classic Family Meal ($79.80) and Luxury Family Meal ($99.80). Featured here is the Classic Family Meal, which includes 1 Grilled Limbo Fish (choose from 9 flavors), 1 Golden Combination, 2 Rice, 2 Drinks, and 2 Brown Sugar Ice Jelly.

As for their grilled fish, I really love the tenderness of their Limbo Fish, and I have tried 2 flavours so far - Chongqing Grilled Fish w/ Beancurd (the one featured here) & Grilled Fish w/ Green Pepper. Both are delicious in their own ways - the former is fragrant and mildly spicy (although I know it looks super spicy), which paired well with the silky-smooth beancurd, while the latter is more numbing with the different aroma notes from the green pepper standing out! Gotta give a thumbs up to the ingenious packaging too - everything came well-sealed, which meant no mess and made it so convenient to use!