First time dining here despite having worked in the hood for ~4 years? Had always walked pass them without a second glance even though there's always a crowd here after working hours. Imagine my surprise when I finally dined here at my friend's suggestion, to find out what I had been missing out on. At a loss on what to order so we decided to leave it to the chef by getting the Omakase Skewer Set and it was bombz! Flavourful, juicy and succulent, every stick of yakitori was well glazed and I bet there's bound to be 1 that'll tickle your fancy. Apart from the yakitoris, we also ordered oden and various other dishes to go with our highballs which were equally good. Prices here are a little steep though, but the ambience, personable staff and flavourful food more than make up for it. I would definitely come back here again!