First time dining here despite having worked in the hood for ~4 years? Had always walked pass them without a second glance even though there's always a crowd here after working hours. Imagine my surprise when I finally dined here at my friend's suggestion, to find out what I had been missing out on. At a loss on what to order so we decided to leave it to the chef by getting the Omakase Skewer Set and it was bombz! Flavourful, juicy and succulent, every stick of yakitori was well glazed and I bet there's bound to be 1 that'll tickle your fancy. Apart from the yakitoris, we also ordered oden and various other dishes to go with our highballs which were equally good. Prices here are a little steep though, but the ambience, personable staff and flavourful food more than make up for it. I would definitely come back here again!

Thought I couldn’t be further impressed after that amazing Premium Pork Loin, but I was wrong. ⁣

Tried their Tonkatsu Ramen ($15.90) - Along with that pork bone, piggy collagen and mild spicy miso paste, the broth is simmered long and slow in the pot for 12 hours daily, no less. The result is a cloudy, milky texture, which is deeply rich and savoury without leaving you the fear of chugging water through the night. The eggs were good, how could it not be, having been experimented on for 3 months before they perfect it. And no, these were not sous vide, they were done the OG way. The yolk was perfectly fixed in that sweet spot between runny and set.⁣

The Japanese Pork Fillet Tonkatsu is only breaded and fried upon order, so rest assured of the freshness. In this case, the meat used here is nearer to the pork shoulder, thereby boasting lesser fats and much, much meatier. Breaking through the crispy breaded crumbs on the outside, you'd be delighted to find them extremely succulent within, and oh so tasty.⁣

This dish is perfect for all occasions, and I can't help but reminisce about those pre-COVID days where you're done with the club (think Zouk), and want to have some supper before heading home. It feels like this dish might just be the best hangover cure possible with that delicious broth. ⁣

Nice people, great food, well priced. These 6 words pretty much sums up my experience here. Thank you @5meanders for taking time to patiently explain the dishes and concept to us, @hajime_tonkatsu_ramen for the food, and @thehungertrack for joining me!

Perhaps your waistline would, but that’s a story for another day.⁣

Helmed by the very first tonkatsu chef in SG, Chef Tan is a strong believer of quality over quantity, which is why almost everything here is handmade, from the Tonkatsu sauce to the pickles. Yes, the unassuming pickles on the side that one probably wouldn’t pay much attention to? They spend 3D2N to R&D it. ⁣

Began my meal with the Tonjiru soup and already I know, I’m off to a great start. Prepared using Tonkotsu Broth, there's a slew of ingredients within this bowl, with the likes of japanese pork, carrots, radish, burdock roots, konnyaku and yuzu. The refreshing yuzu fragrance while faint, was unmistakable and complemented nicely with the pork broth.⁣

Then came the highlight of the meal, the tonkatsu made from Premium Pork Loin. Boasting a nice crisp and a good layer of fats, the tonkatsu was light, neither overly oily nor gamey, and bound to win even the hearts of non-pork lovers. Though fried, the tonkatsu remains its juiciness, and is best paired with the mixture of sesame seeds and tonkatsu sauce for the perfect indulgence; but I do like to pair it with the mustard sauce on the side from time to time, for that extra kick.⁣

Every set comes with free flow rice & cabbage, and trust me, this is well worth busting your calories meter for.⁣

Thanks @5meanders for the invitation, @hajime_tonkatsu_ramen for hosting and @thehungertrack for joining me!

PS. I’m not kidding about the effort that goes into the making of this. You can handle the egg, the rice, the ramen, anything but the tonkatsu. A minimum of 1.5 years experience is required before you even get to the 'hall of tonkatsu'. That's how much quality control they place on their food. 🙌🏼

Back to my favourite joint! As usual, the tempuras here doesn’t disappoint. Fried to a crispy golden brown, it’s a wonder how they manage to keep the shrimp still utterly fresh and succulent. I especially enjoy pairing them with mustard on the side, which gives it a much needed kick and shiok-ness. ⁣

Also, majority of the things here are free flow - rice, cabbage, soup. I absolutely adore the soup here, always asking for seconds (or more) because I slurp them up in no time! You got to try it to believe it ✨

The ikura onsen egg was an absolute delight! As you cut into it, it oozes sunny yolk all over, carpet-bombing the ikura, laying richness upon richness. I slurp it all up with no remorse.⁣

To order, visit their website (go to @ryosushisg and click on the link on their bio), or whatsapp 9835 0395. ⁣

Tip: Mention @justinfoodprints name to get a complimentary onsen egg with ikura!

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I also thoroughly enjoyed the Chicken Neck, those little curls of crispy skin exuding umami with every bite.⁣

It's a wonder how their grilled, marinated food on sticks were so reasonably priced at ~$3 per stick (depending on what it is) given the quality. Yes, no doubt every single stick had this similar sweet soy, salty flavour to it but it's a flavour I like and hence, no complains.

Have always been more conservative when it comes to yakitori, opting for the more forgiving items like Tsukune (Chicken Ball) or the Chicken Skin etc. But here at Tori Tama, they use every single part of a chicken, like literally. Had wanted to order the Tamahimo (fallopian tube of a hen), but it was out of stock Q.Q Making a mental note to pre order it during the reservation next time. Settled for some other odd parts such as the Gyutan (Beef Tongue) and Chicken Neck. The Gyutan was lightly charred and exudes a iron - like flavour without being gamy. It was chewy and had a very smooth and velvety texture to it.

Guess I will always have a soft spot for Japanese cuisine. There's something about the dimly lit wood interior, the open kitchen, where the chef focus on what's right in front of them, turning those little food on sticks over flames. And of course, their food. It's always the food. The Shitake Mushroom and Tofu was beautifully executed, it's amazing how despite grilling them over smoke and flames, they remain sweet and juicy instead of all dried up. I can see Tori Tama's appeal and why they got their Bib Gourmand. Till date, this has got to be the best yakitori joints I have ever tried.

Make sure to order the Chicken Thigh, which was remarkably tender and juicy, with every bite umami filled.

Tsukune, Chicken Ball. A commonly ordered item, Tori Tama's version contains bits of cartilage within in, giving it that extra crunch but it isn't how I like my meatball to be, hence I didn't particularly enjoyed it though the rest of the meat were still pretty juicy and tender.

If this isn’t the definition of guilty pleasure, I don’t know what is. Perfectly grilled chicken skin with the oil glistening away under the light. Every bite was heart cloggingly good ☺️ Give me more please!

The menu here draws inspiration from the history of Americanised Japanese cuisine, hence the multiple use of Yuzu/Ponzu Sauce in a number of their dishes. My third dish here containing a citrus element, the Kaffir Lime Tori Karaage was juicy and succulent, with the lime providing much zest to an otherwise mediocre dish.

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