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Finally got my lazy ass to visit Konjiki, the famous shellfish broth ramen from Japan which has been awarded a Michelin Star.⁣⁣
To start off the meal, every diner is offered a bowl of complimentary Fukugawa Meshi (clam rice). This small portion of clam rice was sweet and tasty, and definitely woke up my dormant stomach for the upcoming bowls of ramen.⁣

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Wasn’t feeling particularly hungry so I had some snacks instead of the famed ramen. The char siew was surprisingly tasty, with the meat being so tender and cholesterol-inducing-fatty, you can’t stop at just a piece! ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

The standard of their garlic fried rice seem to have dropped a little. It used to have this slight charred taste but it still taste good nonetheless, I mean you can’t really go wrong with garlic, can you? Unless, you’re out on a date then please no, don’t order this dish HAHAHA


Back here again in a month and instead of the Pork tonkatsu, I decided to go for prawns this time round and my taste buds couldn’t be more impressed. At first bite, this prawn is a crispy golden batter but at the same time, really tender and fresh. Paired it with the mustard and mayo at the side and it gives off a different taste. Since the soup is free flow, I kept requesting for top ups because it was too good and comforting in this cold weather!

Soup curry was pretty mediocre, did not enjoy it as much as I expected it to, but the portion was pretty big. Decent enough to try just once in my opinion.

An extremely value for money lunch bento set consisting of 5 yakitoris - chicken with leek, chicken meatballs, quail eggs, pork seasoned with garlic and lady’s fingers wrapped with pork; along with minced meat, mushrooms and seaweed spread over a thin layer of rice, some vegetable sticks and miso dip as well as a bowl of miso soup. The skewers were grilled to order and filled with smoky fragrance and a slight burnt crisp. Definitely one of my go to places for affordable lunch yakitori bento!


Battered and fried, yet tender and juicy within, Ma Maison’s tonkatsu has officially become my favourite place to go to when I’m craving for a good plate of crunchy and juicy pork cutlet. Paired it with the curry rice and it makes for a very satisfying meal indeed. They also serve up a mountain of cabbage which is free flow, miso soup, and a small plate of jelly as dessert which makes the meal pretty value for money!

The gyoza was served piping hot and on first bite, I was rather disappointed as I thought it wasn’t particularly impressive. Still made for a good side dish, nonetheless.

Fluffy white rice, crispy chicken katsu and flavourful curry makes for a comforting meal.

Hidden in a corner, Q Wa might be a little hard to locate, but I assure you it’s worth the effort. All the skewers here are grilled to perfection and best paired with a glass of beer or sake for the full Japanese experience. Best of all, their pricing are reasonable given the quality of the food and makes for a good place to chill after work and grab a quick bite or 2 over beer 😉


Tried plenty of skewers and I must say, I like almost all that I tried. What I thought was an interesting pairing was the tomato maki, where a piece of bacon was wrapped around a cherry tomato and topped with mayo. The tomato was sweet and fresh as I popped it in my mouth, letting the slightly charred bacon blend in with the freshness of the cherry tomato, creating quite the unami moment. (HOSTED)

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I like that the use of spices on this dish did not overpower the original flavours of the crab itself, but rather, a good balance between the 2. (HOSTED) •


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