Hawker is never a easy job, but it is always glad to see some youngsters willing to venture into this.

Sambae is definitely one of them, with a youngster selling the Asian cuisine in the coffee shop at Ang Mo Kio.

It has a very cheeky name, serving sambal based of foods such as this signature stingray. I personally love sambal a lot, so when there’s such stall I definitely would support.

Served as a rice bowl or you can order it individually, I find the size is actually consider big for one person like me.

But as for the taste wise, I was rather disappointed. The stingray itself is never an easy seafood to cook with, so for my visit the stingray texture was rather unimpressive, as compared to my favourite sambal stingray from another place. the meat wasn’t soft enough for me.

As the same goes to the sambal itself, it wasn’t strong enough for the spiciness.

But overall I would still supporting this young hawker and perhaps I will try the other dishes as well.

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