Visited “Seow Choon Hua” after hearing about their Fuzhou delicacies from my parents.
A casual eatery with indoor and outdoor seating, I was told by the gentleman manning the counter that they make everything in-house by hand. So it seemed logical to order their Mixed Bowl.
In it were “Yuan Pi” (the small, juicy pork balls with the thinnest, most delicate wrapping - my favourite of the lot), Wanton (medium size pork dumplings), “Shui Gao” (large triangular dumplings), “Yu Yuan” (fishballs) and Fuzhou “Yu Yuan” (huge minced meat-filled fishballs with a mochi-like texture, so they’re unlike the ones you find at the usual fishball noodles stalls). I had mine with plain rice while @huatkaliao opted for the version with dry noodles (it’s really tasty as they dress the noodles in a sweet-savoury sauce and pork lard oil).
As this dialect group’s cuisine is getting increasingly hard to find these days, I reckon it’s worth giving the food here a try.

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