Came for the Crab Benedict but unfortunately it's for weekends brunch only! Took the 3 course lunch set ($22.80+ top up $22 for the 300g Rib-eye Steak). Soup of the day - Spinach Soup, tasted like regular chinese soup. As the portion was very small, we ordered the Mushroom Soup ($13) as well. Sadly, the mushroom soup was underwhelming, despite the nice aroma. However, the 300 Rib-eye Steak was really delicious, it was tender and juicy and I absolutely love their seasoning! The tiramisu dessert unfortunately wasn't creamy and rich in texture and actually tasted like regular sponge cake. Luckily, the ambience and the views surrounding the place made up for the underwhelming food experience. However, I might come back to try their weekends brunch menu though!!