Beyond Deals!!

Beyond Deals!!

Featuring LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar (Shaw House), Wheeler's Estate, Dumpling Darlings (Circular Road), The Co-op (Our Tampines Hub), Tiger Street Lab (Jewel Changi Airport), Pen & Inc (NTU), Chun Yang Tea (Jewel Changi Airport), COLLIN’S® (Jurong Point)
glenn lee
glenn lee

Ordered the Dumplings Platter ($25) + Spicy Sichuan ($8)! Here are my ratings of them:
- the original 3.5/5
- spicy sichuan 3.3/5
- veggie mandu 3.7/5
- prawn and crab 2.7/5
- fried pierogi 5/5 HANDS DOWN THE BEST DUMPLINGS!! The truffle taste was strong and delicious!!
- smoked duck 4.2/5

Personally I like the fried pierogi and veggie mandu! I feel that prawn and crab depends on everyone's personal preference but it's a definite no for me!

Came for the Crab Benedict but unfortunately it's for weekends brunch only! Took the 3 course lunch set ($22.80+ top up $22 for the 300g Rib-eye Steak). Soup of the day - Spinach Soup, tasted like regular chinese soup. As the portion was very small, we ordered the Mushroom Soup ($13) as well. Sadly, the mushroom soup was underwhelming, despite the nice aroma. However, the 300 Rib-eye Steak was really delicious, it was tender and juicy and I absolutely love their seasoning! The tiramisu dessert unfortunately wasn't creamy and rich in texture and actually tasted like regular sponge cake. Luckily, the ambience and the views surrounding the place made up for the underwhelming food experience. However, I might come back to try their weekends brunch menu though!!

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I went there on a friday night, not a long wait to get to our turn (15min). The atmosphere feels like you're dining in a small cafe in Italy which I love.

A few dishes I'd reccomend would be the burrata pizza. Its crispy and creamy with the cheese in the middle makes it really delicious. Paired with the pesto paste, it really complements it together.

The black truffle mac and cheese was really good as well. The truffle didnt overpower the mac n cheese but just enough to complement well with the creamy mac n cheese.

Lastly would be the fried calamari. Many places would mess up the calamari easily but heavily battering the squid or just buy it frozen but this restaurant did it just right. The light yet flavorful calamari got me hooked instantly that I got another plate to share.

Overall I'd reccomend this place 100% and would definitely come again. However, make sure to come a little earlier so that you have to queue so long :)) Really worth with the burpple deal as well

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I used the burpple beyond deal to get 2 main dish! One being the beef cheeks and the other being the wagyu burger.

The wagyu burger was a huge disappointment. The patty is really blend although it's thick. Onions were not grilled, and the sauce wasn't tasty. Overall, there are better and cheaper options out there. On the bright side, the fries were crispy and well seasoned! Good job! :)) I would give this dish a 4/10

The beef cheeks were surprisingly good! It was tender to the bone and well seasoned. The portion was just nice filling to the stomach. The mash potato was creamy but a little blend. The sauce wasn't drizzled enough on the plate, making it hard to eat the mash potato. Overall, the dish was good but too pricey without the deal :( I would give this dish a 7/10

Lastly, the lava cake was really tasty! Paired with the ice cream, its a dessert to die for 😳 A solid 9/10


I've ordered the wagyu burger and fish and chips using the 1 for 1 beyond deal. #burpplebeyond

The fish was pretty decent however it was abit overcooked for me and thus abit flakey . The batter was light and crispy. The fries were exceptional good!!! It was well-seasoned, crispy and light! To me it was the star of the dish :))

For the wagyu burger, fries were exceptional! (Same fries as the fish n chips). However, the star of this meal was the burger. The flavour depth on this burger simply stunning! The patty was cooked perfectly. It was juicy and packed with lots of flavour. The caramelized onions and cheeze really adds on thr flavour to the burger. Topped with the light and toasted brioche buns, it's one of thr best burgers I've ever eaten. If you guys are a fan of burgers, you NEED to try this.

All in all, it was a good deal by burpple. I'd definitely come back a second time to grab the burger again ;))

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I got the 1 for 1 deal burpple and tried the mixed grill! ($20 per pax). The mixed grill consist of one large sausage, mixed vege, a potato mash , grilled chicken and pork. The proteins were beautifully seasoned. This goes especially well with the brown sauce 😳😳 However, the pork was a bit dry thus pairing it with the sauce is ideal. The vege platter tasted pretty normal, a touch more seasoning would be better. The sausage tasted smokey and delicious!

Side note: I completed the meal with a drink and mushroom soup as well! The soup was really delicious. It was thick, creamy and seasoning was on point. Mushrooms were cut in chunks so that brought texture to the soup as well! A well made soup :))

All in all, this deal is definitely worth it a try and would come back again if I ever have this deal 😁 A little too pricey without the deal at $20 thus definitely recommend using the deal.

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Used the burpple 1for1 to get 2 drinks! First was Oolong fresh milk tea with pudding which was 2nd on the top 5 drinks :)) Oolong tea was fragrant and tasty! In addition to the pudding, it really complements the oolong tea really well! Would definitely drink again

I also got the honey osmanthus oolong tea w pearl. This drink was 3rd on the top5 list. The drink was really refreshing. The honey really complements the oolong tea really well! The pearl has is chewy and big which I really like! Beware of the sugar level as the honey already acts as a sweetener for the drink. Would definitely recommend this to anyone:))

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I used the 1 for 1 burpple deal and got the laksa pasta. This dish was their most popular dish and thus I decided to gave it a shot. To be honest, it really tasted like an ordinary laksa dish that you could've gotten outside. Without the burpple deal, I've been paying $20 for a plate of laksa pasta(w.o GST). Noodles were cooked perfectly, but the broth was nothing mind blowing. Prawns were cooked perfectly though its black grit were not removed properly. I'd not recommend this dish as its too expensive even with the burpple deal.

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