I've ordered the wagyu burger and fish and chips using the 1 for 1 beyond deal. #burpplebeyond

The fish was pretty decent however it was abit overcooked for me and thus abit flakey . The batter was light and crispy. The fries were exceptional good!!! It was well-seasoned, crispy and light! To me it was the star of the dish :))

For the wagyu burger, fries were exceptional! (Same fries as the fish n chips). However, the star of this meal was the burger. The flavour depth on this burger simply stunning! The patty was cooked perfectly. It was juicy and packed with lots of flavour. The caramelized onions and cheeze really adds on thr flavour to the burger. Topped with the light and toasted brioche buns, it's one of thr best burgers I've ever eaten. If you guys are a fan of burgers, you NEED to try this.

All in all, it was a good deal by burpple. I'd definitely come back a second time to grab the burger again ;))

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