I tried their Gyutan Yaki Omakase Course ($65++), which is a 9-course meal comprising:
🥕 Daikon Miso
🫛 Edamame
🥗 Salad
🍄 Satsuma age (fish cake)
🦪 Today's Recommended (we had fried oysters)
🍢 Oden Moriawase
🥩 Wagyu Mountain Roast BEEF
🐄 Gyutan Yaki
🍚 Rice and Tororo
That mountain of roast beef was certainly the highlight for us! 😍 Doused with an addictive sweet-savoury sauce with a slight peppery kick, the slices were tender & not gamey at all! 💗 The chunky gyutan was brilliant as well; loved the chew! 🤤
The oden was another hit for me 🍲! With rather flavourful yet clear-tasting broth & springy oden 🍥, this is the perfect comfort food for rainy days!