Ideal for our forever summer weather, Bornga’s Naeng Myun is just the dish to beat the heat. A tad apprehensive at first as I didn’t enjoy the mul-naengmyun I had in Seoul a couple years back, their rendition was surprising good - having the right amount of mustard sauce and splash of vinegar to give it a pleasant piquant and tangy finish. Prepared typically with beef broth and “radish water kimchi” broth, the clear, icy-cold base was refreshingly sweet. The added textures from the shredded pear, crunchy cucumber, pickled radish, boiled egg, thin beef slices atop the small mountain of chewy buckwheat noodles and even the bits of ice; really enhanced the whole experience with all the elements harmonized. Also doubling up as a palate cleanser, the slurping-good bowl was the perfect ending after a satisfying yet hot, greasy barbecue.

This was a hosted meal.

Recommended by yerim