Towering skewers of meat. A fully, stocked salad bar. Its been years since I last went to a meat buffet and so I was thoroughly blown away by the meat buffet offered by the pioneer of Brazilian churrasco in Singapore ($52).

Pictured is one of their signatures, a delicious beef topside freshly sliced off a skewer. It was so juicy and the meat was perfectly cooked, just pink in the center. Another favorite of mine was the beef ribs, which were fork-tender. They also have snow fish, marinated in a tangy, sourish marinade that matched the buttery, flaky texture of the fish beautifully.

But what I liked the best was the roasted pineapple (I had 3 servings of those). The juicy caramelized sweetness, the addictive texture, all without the 'bite' on the tongue that raw pineapple has. Match that with their saltier honey baked ham or smoked duck (so juicy!) and it results in a match made in food heaven.

The salad bar provided that perfect balance with the heavier meats. Some of my favorites were the broccoli, carrot and cucumber salad. I understand why this particular outlet has withstood the test of time in a competitive market.