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Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

The salad bar is amazing, with almost any and every salad vegetable. I would go for their perfectly cooked crisp broccoli and their delicious marinated beansprouts.

They also have really good, creamy potato salad. Other delicious highlights are the capellini pasta salad, tantanmen salad and the hijiki salad (a type of seaweed salad). Mix a soft-boiled egg into the noodles for a delicious, rich flavor explosion.

Desserts-wise the salad bar has the usual fresh fruit but I found their espresso jelly and matcha tofu most unique. The espresso jelly is really bitter and needs the thick cream to help sweeten it. I also loved their matcha tofu; it has a strong matcha flavor with a cake-like texture, not too sweet and goes perfectly with the espresso jelly cream and a few cubes of watermelon.

One of this outlet's most unique offerings is their free flow eggs. 🥚🍳 Here I have the okonomiyaki eggs (basically sunny side up with okonomiyaki sauce and mayo lol), scrambled eggs, tamagoyaki and plain omelette. The quality of the eggs are apparent from their glowing, bright orange yolk.

The scrambled eggs are super creamy and rich but they get cold and rubbery fast so try and grab and eat them fresh off the griddle. The omelette too has a delicious creamy perfectly cooked center. The okonomiyaki eggs are a little undercooked with a slightly gooey translucent white but you can't go wrong with these flavors.

My favorite by far were the tamagoyaki. They have plain ones and ones where the egg has been mixed with spring onions. They have a delightful layered mouthfeel and were sweet and dripping with dashi broth, really really good.

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Towering skewers of meat. A fully, stocked salad bar. Its been years since I last went to a meat buffet and so I was thoroughly blown away by the meat buffet offered by the pioneer of Brazilian churrasco in Singapore ($52).

Pictured is one of their signatures, a delicious beef topside freshly sliced off a skewer. It was so juicy and the meat was perfectly cooked, just pink in the center. Another favorite of mine was the beef ribs, which were fork-tender. They also have snow fish, marinated in a tangy, sourish marinade that matched the buttery, flaky texture of the fish beautifully.

But what I liked the best was the roasted pineapple (I had 3 servings of those). The juicy caramelized sweetness, the addictive texture, all without the 'bite' on the tongue that raw pineapple has. Match that with their saltier honey baked ham or smoked duck (so juicy!) and it results in a match made in food heaven.

The salad bar provided that perfect balance with the heavier meats. Some of my favorites were the broccoli, carrot and cucumber salad. I understand why this particular outlet has withstood the test of time in a competitive market.



Thank you to my lovely dining partner for this $45++ treat. <3 (only available from 6-8pm!)

Their normal sashimi platter consists of perfect slices of swordfish, yellowtail, tuna, salmon and octopus. The fish was pretty average in terms of freshness, but they were the perfect size and thickness. And very satisfying to those sashimi cravings indeed.

My favorite dish had to be their unagi kabayaki. Tender, sweet and fatty, I ordered 3-4 plates of that perfectly portioned goodness. Their unagi maki is really the bombz too, a bulging piece of sushi with a huge chunk of unagi nestled with cucumber and tamago with an absurdly small amount of rice (just the way I like it :3)

I'd also recommend their yakitori sticks (tender grilled chicken thigh, yumz). For a more refreshing touch, add the teppanyaki mixed veggies (fried on a legit teppan). We also tried the yakiniku beef stirfry, which was also very flavorful and delicious. (it was a bit cold though).

Ambience-wise the restaurant was very quiet and the few people that came in appeared to be expats. Wait staff were friendly and efficient and food came in a reasonable amount of time. It was a perfect place for a quiet dinner and I really had a good time.


It was my mom's birthday so we got a free bottle of wine and this beautiful heart-shaped sushi cake!! Made with slices of fresh sashimi and avocado, topped with a scoop of ikura <3

I loved my experience here. The highlight was definitely the sashimi, which tasted extremely delicious and fresh. The slices were chunky, thick and generous. Even the slices on the cake were huge and everyone had a lot of fun deconstructing the cake and making our own sushi with our preferred portion of fish to rice.

Some of my other favorite items were the grilled pork belly, stir-fried mushroom with onsen egg, chuka wakame and homemade sesame tofu (very unique grainy mouthfeel and texture I've never had before).

The service was efficient with free-flow drinks and the cutest robot waiters I've ever seen!! Highly recommended for celebrating or just having a fun night out with good food :) totally worth the price ^^


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I don't normally go for AYCE buffets (I am bad at portion control and tend to overeat) but Shabu Sai is an exception. It is absolutely my favorite place to eat shabu shabu. At $15.99 for a free flow vegetable buffet and 2 plates of meat per pax, its a total steal.

The best thing about Shabu Sai is the spread of vegetables available. I particularly love the fresh kailan and round cabbage, but Shanghai Greens and enoki mushrooms are other favorites of mine too. (I eat low-carb so I treat enoki like noodles and slurp them up like nobody's business) They also have seasonal vegetables, in this month's case king oyster mushroom which were delightfully tender. They also have fishballs, cheese tofu and bamboo meat so I really didn't miss the fact that I had only two plates of sliced meat. They also have watermelon, oranges and tomato slices for you to nibble on as your soup boils or as an after-meal snack.

The meat is always fresh and fatty. I highly recommend the beef, which is always generously marbled with the most delicious flavor and soft texture. The meats pair well with a super flavorful soup like their sukiyaki, but those who prefer a spicy kick can go for their spicy soup base. I always personally like to have their seaweed or yuzu collagen soup to balance out some of their richer soup bases.


I lift 💪🏻 I eat 🍩 I science 🤓

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