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Veryyyyyyy gooooooood salmon poke bowl ($10). The soba had a tinge of sourness from its sauce which I really loved, and noodles were soft enough! Not too undercooked. I’d say the portion was deceivingly small but ended up being just right. A MAJOR DRAW BACK THOUGH.. is that the burpple 1-for-1 deal is only applicable to 2 dishes. One particular dish was $8, and drinks (either coconut juice or Coke Zero was priced at $2), however, if you use the burpple discount, they’ll charge you $18.90! Which absolutely didn’t make sense to me! That’s an additional overpricing of $8.90, and is almost as good as getting 2 sets for $20 without the burpple deal :-( Felt really disappointed at their schemes..

Hi Sophia. The $8 bowl only comes with 4pcs of Teriyaki Chicken + Soba whereas the Burpple bowl has a lot more ingredients on top of the basic bowl, hence the higher price 😬