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Sophia Foo
Sophia Foo

I liked that they used rice straw at their chatuchak booth :-) Was told that it is edible (haha, but I wasn’t hungry enough to devour it) priced at $4, pretty reasonable! Not too sweet, and just right :) Was told that the sweetness was non-customisable tho. They also used plastic of really good quality!

I liked that they used rice straw at their chatuchak booth :-) Was told that it is edible (haha, but I wasn’t hungry enough to devour it) priced at $4, pretty reasonable! Not too sweet, and just right :) Was told that the sweetness was non-customisable tho. They also used plastic of really good quality!

Veryyyyyyy gooooooood salmon poke bowl ($10). The soba had a tinge of sourness from its sauce which I really loved, and noodles were soft enough! Not too undercooked. I’d say the portion was deceivingly small but ended up being just right. A MAJOR DRAW BACK THOUGH.. is that the burpple 1-for-1 deal is only applicable to 2 dishes. One particular dish was $8, and drinks (either coconut juice or Coke Zero was priced at $2), however, if you use the burpple discount, they’ll charge you $18.90! Which absolutely didn’t make sense to me! That’s an additional overpricing of $8.90, and is almost as good as getting 2 sets for $20 without the burpple deal :-( Felt really disappointed at their schemes..


Redeemed a burpple deals for 2 sets of cake and tea which cost $18 in total. Really loved the tiramisu cake, it came with a strong alcohol taste that balanced well with the sweet cream, adding some bitterness. The mango passionfruit and lime cheesecake was a little disappointing as the cheesecake was less dense than I’d prefer, and the base was crumbly. Tea were priced at $5 with a maximum one-time refill. The lychee oolong is recommended for those who like a tinge of sweetness in their tea, it was so fragrant you can smell it’s sweetness. They have a wide variety of tea, from your regular camomile and jasmine flavours, to exotic ones like chocolate hojicha which surprisingly smelled pretty chocolate-y though personally not my favourite. the prices for their cakes is honestly real steep without the burpple deal (at $11 averagely for small portions) but rather affordable with burpple!

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Love this place. Always have this before having lessons on Monday. The food is that good. Not only that but their staff is super welcoming and attentive to the customer's needs. I ordered the Pineapple fried rice set for ard $11. Quite affordable given their quality and proportion in an air conditioned environment in the CBD. I think it is ard $9 without the set. With a top up of ard $2 you get a drink of your choice and Tom Yum soup which is rich and flavourful (can be switched to some prawn rolls). Food is very authentic and rich in flavours. Value for money. I'll rate it 4.5/5 if there is a rating. Must try!

Do not be fooled by it’s name - IndoChilli cater to Burpplers who do not take spicy food too! Ordered the beef and chicken satay (preferred the beef one - which is also one of the recommended dishes!) Expect to get fatter and longer satays here unlike those that you find outside! However, the cost is around $2/piece. It tastes different from your regular satay in that it doesn’t have much burnt taste. The fried tofu with egg was quite yummy, was sweet and given a generous amount of egg! Although I found the egg too oily at some parts and too dry at others :-( The keropok has also lost its crispiness.

A pretty decent 宫保田鸡 (Gong Bao Frog Leg) for supper at that area but there are definitely better ones with a disadvantage of not opening till late night. For supper, it's quite a good and cozy spot to have something like that (of that standard) to fill your tummy if you are at that area. Ordered the froggie with a plate of 豆苗(Dou Miao) and a bowl of rice. For the frog, I felt that the sauce is nice but the frog seems to taste 'separate' from it. The sauce nvr blend in tgt and go into the frog leg (不够入味). As for the Dou Miao, it's pretty good. However, the price is far to pricy for the quality you are getting. Just for a plate of veg, it costs ard $7-8. For the frog leg, it costs $16 for a total of 3 frogs (order 2 get 1 free). But don't be fooled. The quantity you are getting is not a lot. The even more ridiculous part is porridge. For a bowl of rice, it costs $1 but if you order porridge, you pay $3 for it. Not worth it hence chose rice rather than porridge. To sum it all, food is above average (3.5/5) but price is on the high side. Still a good place to go if you are hungry but you have to order wisely if you have a tighter budget for supper.

Went all the way to Bread Yard wanting to try their candied bacon pancake but was told that it’s only available on weekends (booooo) Attempted the steak grain bowl ($14) and avocado toast ($14) instead. The steak in the bowl was really good (not a fan of steak yet appreciated it’s flavour! It’s doneness was medium and the inner meat was still reddish (heads up for those who would prefer to request for a different doneness) the sauce was reallyyyyyyyyy good! As for the avocado toast, the bread was slightly too hard for my liking and I’d prefer it crispier. The taste was good tho, pretty generous amount of avocado! If I had to be picky, the poached egg wasn’t cooked that well - as you can see, it was a little over cooked. Overall, for $7 per dish I wouldn’t be picky about the nitty gritty and would patronise again!

The chicken was too sweet, with gravy that tastes like condensed milk. Couldn't finish it in the end.. Disposable plates were also provided for dine-in which wasn't environmentally friendly, though the saving grace is that they were high quality so I guess that they serve those for takeaways? Wouldn’t recommend unless you have a really, really sweet tooth!

Been there countless of times, and I’d always go for the bulgogi beef/chicken soup with noodles. The soup is very sweet and flavourful. At $10, this dish never fails to leave me satisfied with it’s quality and cost! Simply value-for-money and affordable. It’s a hidden gem at Wilkie Edge (not that accessible) but definitely worth a try, and 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 from me.

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Ordered the beef rice set as recommended by the staff (for a non-chilli go-er, else the mala flavour was recommended)

Portion was average - i’d say the proportion of beef to bell peppers was 35-65? Pretty generous amount of meat!

However, found it a little salty. Taste-wise pretty average, 6/10, not particularly yummy.

The set came with a tiny bowl of soup (smaller than the complimentary soup you get when ordering chicken rice), thus size was pretty disappointing. There was a side dish - which I chose tofu salad (not to my surprise, pretty average again)

honestly didn’t expect much, I mean it was a good deal for 2 sets of meal! Go for it if you’re not too picky with food. Would visit again for the price & the vast menu! Hope to find something more pleasing :)

Returning again because of its affordability, especially in town! 🙂 Considering the chicken rice is Michelin star, it was really value for money @ $4.80 ($5.80 for chicken thigh). However, did not feel that it was superb. They do sell several hot soup though, liked the bitter gourd one! Really worth the visit if you’re exploring affordable eats that are yummy!

In light of COVID-19, the restaurant has also taken several measures to ensure hygiene! Mandatory hand sanitizing before entering the restaurant, and all cutlery are placed specially in a plastic bag.

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On a journey to source out value-for-quality deals because why not?

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