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They've got tough competition with TDC just next door, so I really wanted to see how their food compared to its neighbor.

The regular bowl is $10 and comes with 2 bases (I chose soba and sweet potato mash), 1 protein (curry turmeric chicken), 5 greens (edamame, green bean, cucumber, kailan, beetroot), 1 sauce (truffle shoyu), 1 lux (beetroot hummus) and 1 topping (tobiko). I paid $13.50 as the chicken and sweet potato required additional topups.

It was really good. I really liked the beetroot hummus; rich and creamy and absolutely delicious. The portion of carb and protein were definitely generous too. I had two heaping scoops of bright orange mashed sweet potatoes. The curry chicken was really well done too; not too spicy nor too oily. And the truffle shoyu that the veggies were tossed in was really strong too. I was fully prepared for the crunchy veggies to taste a little on the bland side but that wasn't the case at all as the truffle scent permeated the area as soon as I opened the lid.

Can't wait to try their pre-selected bowls!