Service was proactive and asked us if we needed extra naan after we finished our basket and had half the curry left. My suggestion is always order just 1 for 2 for 2 pax first, keep adding as you're halfway through so that the naans come crispy instead of becoming soggy if you start with like 4 pcs or sth.

Anyway this garlic naan was quite mild but I liked it due to the herbs. Decent crisp too

Honestly this might come across as racist but I feel that at any Indian place, while you can distinguish the difference when you first taste the curries, as you heap mouthful after mouthful of naan it really makes no difference because each bite is flavourful and they're all of around the same consistency. Point is that while each curry is unique they're also not really that unique so don't be too stressed about your choice. Also that's why it's important that a restaurant does everything adequately, or else one weak dish(curry) would be super obvious as you're alternating between them