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For those who are not familiar with Chiba Prefecture, it is just located adjacent to Tokyo, Japan’s capital. It is also a consumer’s paradise, a place that is home to the head offices of many businesses such as Japanese food companies. .
Not forgetting the super RED and CUTE Chiba mascot CHI-BA-KUN, a curious creature born and living in Chiba Prefecture. Check him out from the side and you would see its profile shaped like the landform of Chiba Prefecture.
Check out Chef Petrina’s Special Canape Menu (Small Servings) below:
▪️Stuffed Cabbage Rolled with minced chicken and Ang-chow sauce
▪️Hamaguri Konnyaku, served in Dashi using kombu from Chiba
Kinmedai with Shiojime & Seaweed
Braised Pork Belly with Chiba Shoyu and peanuts
▪️Jack Fruit Banana Cake served with Shiro-Miso White Chocolate Sauce
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