Hidden in a corner of MacPherson Mall, Chuan Ji Bakery Hainanese Delicacies is well concealed from plain sight from the main road; only known to those who bothers to walk into the quiet mall that is yet to be completely filled up with tenants. A cultural gem that aims to preserve heritage unlike most other newly-opened food establishments these days, they serve up traditional Hainanese cuisine with its limited menu that consist of rare-to-find Hainanese-Western mains (eg. Hainanese Pork Chop Rice, Beef Stew), breakfast, Kueh Kueh and other pastries (eg. their signature Hainanese Flaky Biscuit).

Really impressed with most items we got here, including the Kueh Oneh Oneh pictured here; so soft and pillowy, chewy yet does not stick to the teeth, while it contains a surprise centre of Gula Melaka that is rich, yet not overly sweet which bursts out as you reach the core of the Kueh Oneh Oneh. The desiccated coconut that tops of the Kueh Oneh Oneh is also pretty fresh as well.

Kudos to Chuan Ji Bakery Hainanese Delicacies for their efforts in preserving heritage of the Hainanese food culture; a direction that not many are taking these days.