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A very satisfying piece of art to look at. I almost didn’t want to tackle this at all because of how beautiful it looks!

Taste-wise, it was pretty decent. 🤔 Honestly though, I don’t think it holds a candle to other desserts that I’ve tried which have incorporated miso; I couldn’t quite detect any umami-ness in a single bite – it mostly tasted like a regular cream cheese tart. 😅 But that’s not to say that I didn’t find it delicious. I paired this with a cup of their Single Origin Hot Chocolate, which hit the spot on a lull Tuesday afternoon. 🙂 (7.2/10)

Oh, and funny story though - before coming here, I thought this was the item that everybody was talking about. So I went down with the one objective of trying it. No mains, no other dessert. Just this one. And now that I’m penning this write-up, well well well…it turns out that people were talking and semi-raving about the grilled cheese instead. Hahaha count on me to get my details right. 😂