was told that it was burpple's regulations that we were not allowed to only use two 1 for 1 vouchers to order 4 mains if we had 5 pax. we could only either order 5 mains (two 1 for 1 voucher + pay full for the 5th main) or order 6 mains (3 1 for 1 vouchers). didn't rly make sense to me as i had previously used 2 for 2 at other outlets so it seemed abit scammy already right from the start. anyway, the staff was kind of rude when he told us about the drinks available, prefacing it w "i'll repeat this twice."

if the service was not something we wouldn't come back over, the hamburg patty inside the burger + in the omurice hamburg set was soooo gamey 😐😐😐 didn't even wna eat >1 bite of it...

the pork katsu & grilled chicken curry rice was not bad, quite average but the curry was pretty standard (like any other jap curry just that this is darker in colour) so nothing noteworthy. the supposedly WAGYU katsu was also very meh - tasted like normal beef or not even as good as that actually.

friend said that the snow crab omurice ($27) was not bad actually except that the crabmeat inside the shell was a tad dry. otherwise the sauce was infused w crab flavour pretty well.

total bill was $103.40 after service charge for a group of 5, which wasn't expensive but $20 for a meal like that... 🫠

all in all, considering the location, service, price & taste, we wouldn't revisit this place again.

“I’ll repeat this twice” wow way to go with your unnecessarily sassy attitude…. Shame that you had such an experience 😞