Western fusion food from @rebelicious.sg

Rebelicious is located at AlibabaR the Hawker Bar, a very hipster place with “hawker” and trendy food and with a bar!

Featured here are the following items:
Rebelicious Spicy Chicken Burger ($15): This comes with a fluffy brioche bun, with lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, egg, devil sauce + mayo sauce, and a very HUGE portion of fried chicken! I love how the chicken portion was super generous, and it was marinated well. Be warned that the devil sauce chilli mixture is quite spicy! So if you are not a chilli taker, do opt for the other burgers instead (there is classic wagyu cheeseburger, battered swordfish steak burger and breaded golden pumpkin bugers too!) The burger set all comes with salted fries. You can also add on $3 to replace this salted fries for some of the other sides!

Pasta: The pastas are customisable! First you choose your linguine base (there is creamy furikake / creamy tom yum / tomato / aglio olio), then your toppings (under the sea, mean & wild, lil cutie, the green machine). The one that I opted for was the creamy tom yum linguine under the sea ($14.90)! It came with a perfectly grilled salmon with crispy skin, grilled garlic prawns, and two squid rings. For the creamy tom yum base, it may get slightly jelat, so best to share with your dining buddy! Sharing is caring, and you get to eat more variety too! :)

Crispy Calamari with wasabi mayo ($8): The calamaris were crispy hot when served. The wasabi mayo sauce had just the right mixture of wasabi in it, so it was not overly choking.

Head down to Alibabar The Hakwer Bar if you will like to check out @rebelicious.sg ! The atmosphere at the Hawker Bar was also very happening on a weekend evening! Especially now since groups of up to 10 are allowed! Head here for your group outings and get to enjoy good food at affordable pricing!

Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and desserts are also served at another stall at this hawker bar! We got an Kiwi Lime Frosty and Apple of my eye (Green Apple + Lime) fresh fruit mocktail!

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