Luk Yu Tea House is pretty much a fancier more atas dimsum place, a dimsum place inside Starhill Gallery.
We tried the Wok Fried Radish Cake with Egg and Bean Sprouts for RM14 (tax inclusive) and a pot of Chrysanthemum Pu Erh Tea for RM18 (tax inclusive).I'm just gonna be blunt and say that it wasn't worth the money. You could definitely get better ones elsewhere.
When the radish cake arrived, it wasn't steaming hot like a good dish should be. Even the middle of the pile wasn't hot and that was an instant put off. I guess everything else was fine, the texture and the seasonings were fine, the bean sprout could use a couple more minutes. I wouldn't come here again for their radish cakes.
Overall I wouldn't come back here again, I could get similar food at a much cheaper price from so many other places. So disappointed ): Well at least the ceramic wares were pretty 😐