Went Kreams Beer to chill out. Nice cosy bar which is well decorated with cherry blossom decos, lamps, little ornaments and plushies. The menu has wide selections of beers and light bites. Crackers and fruits are free flow for all tables too!

Just by looking at their fruity based beer section on the menu had me spoilt for choices! They have like watermelon, lychee, graprefruit, yuzu and many more! We ordered the grapefruit infused beer and a Queen's Honey (lager + honey). Both beers are smooth and light on the palate. I enjoyed my grapefruit infused beer, which was citrusy with a hint of sweetness. If you are not sure what to drink, but like something fruity, go for their grapefruit infused, it's a popular choice which usually won't go wrong.

Overall great friendly service and nice ambience, suitable bar for chilling out with friends, date nights or girlie night out. Worth a visit, will come back again! 🍻

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