The ambience here at Tianfang Pavilion Chaoshan Hot Pot was very conducive on a weekday night. Not sure if it was because the restaurant was less heard of or because it was slightly away from the heart of Chinatown restaurants, but I thought it was a nice environment for a hearty hotpot dinner.

Some tables allowed for two soup bases to be selected, while those for bigger tables have room for four. While they offered Spicy soup base (S$16.00 for single soup base, up to S$20.00 for two), the level of spiciness differed from my usual encounters at other steamboat restaurants. In fact, since the soup bases were mostly more authentically flavourful with meat broth, they also tasted delicious at any point during the meal without being too salty.

For those who wanted a just a quick meal, the restaurant also provided individual hot pots with one soup base, for only S$5.00!