I've been here 5 times. That's more than any other place that isn't near my house. The food really is that good, Vietnamese flavours executed to perfection with great ingredients. However this last visit made me feel that the price is not worth the quality anymore, and I am thus more reluctant to recommend this place from now on. It went from being an amazing place to a place with good food but overpriced. In all honesty I didn't check the price of the items I had years ago, so maybe their mainstays are consistent, but the sliced pork in gravy really was the last straw for my stellar impression of this place all these years.

Very unique take. The baguette was soft, and had a significant thin crisp(instead of a solid crunch for most good baguette)

The beef was bursting w flavour and juices, good stuff

However it's not very filled w beef, esp the ends. Also it's pretty tiny. Can still get if you've tried their signatures, just don't share

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