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I have featured Pete’s Place tiramisu as the best tiramisu ( in my opinion ) but for days when tiramisu isn’t my cup of tea , I am Glad that the plethora of desserts available at Pete’s place’s lunch buffet / weekend brunch always has something for me.

Pete’s Place has such high quality homemade desserts - I simply wouldn’t go anywhere else - I am pretty much trapped 🥰

I have tried the desserts from all across the dessert section of hotel buffets and sad to say, other than the rise at MBS and Pete’s Place - most don’t meet the passing mark.

Featuring here is the the passionfruit bombalini - it’s like a tender doughnut filled with real passionfruit purée mixed into a light cream . The flavours just explode with every bite .

Much commendable is also the apricot crostata with a tart apricot topping balanced off with a crisp and buttery base - so sinful but so good .

The profiteroles were also outstanding . Drenched with a high quality chocolate and then filled with custard cream .

Every piece of dessert is just so lovingly made -

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