Probably the darkest, and richest brownies I have ever come across; BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers' Blackout Brownies really do hit the spot when you got an intense chocolate craving. Though taking quite a hit to my wallet as they certainly don’t come cheap, I like the slightly dense melty middle of each baked square.

For the Premium Hojicha Brownie ($7.40), the taste of the earthy roasted tea filling was distinct yet somewhat drowned out by the richness of the chocolate in my opinion. Hence, it could definitely do with more hojicha. However, the bittersweetness of the two key elements is still pleasant and the combination was not overly cloying so as to overwhelm the palate with their decadence. Texture-wise, it was spot on with a soft-fudgy bite.

Nutty and chocolatey, the Biscoff Marble Brownie ($6.20) was more balanced in terms of the distribution of the filling as you get the spread in the middle and at the top as well. A foolproof option as the pairing is very complementary. The sticky sweetness of the biscoff adding a nice caramel-like fragrance to the dark brownie. And for the texture, it was a good mix between dense and chewy-soft.