Meats are cooked with a choice of garlic shoyu, ginger, black pepper, spicy miso or mustard cream sauce, served with beansprouts. They also have matchmaker to help complete your meal with different sets that come with a bowl of plain white/egg/garlic fried rice, miso soup, orange slices and onion ring chawanmushi. price ranges from $3.90 to $8.90

Yaki Yaki Bo also has the option of dining at the teppanyaki table served by the chefs or a normal table where the staff will bring cooked food to you. I got myself sliced pork with garlic shoyu and garlic rice set. The texture and thickness of the pork slices were good but the garlic shoyu sauce lacks flavour. Garlic fried rice was fragrant, fried with Japanese rice, garlic and butter. Beansprouts were cooked to a nice crunch with carrot and onion. Waiting time can get really long during peak hours with slower service but overall still an affordable and reasonable teppanyaki meal ใ€‹$11.90 + $5.90 Garlic Rice Set