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Kon'nichiwa こんにちは

Kon'nichiwa こんにちは

Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim
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Pan fried Japanese pork belly with sweet sauce on rice》$10.50

I ordered this after trying the Kagoshima pork belly sushi previously that made me crave for it again. This time round I got the don which was more worth the price tag. Instead of having a whole long slice of pork belly on their sushi, the don comes with smaller pieces of meat and onions. It was still as good especially with their sweet sauce on plain rice. Craving satisfied! 😊 I'm just wondering if they have the option to swap my plain rice for sushi rice? Maybe I should try that next time 🤔

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Sashimi grade salmon, house aged shoyu, pickled Japanese cucumbers, goma cherry tomatoes》$16.90

Each set comes with a portion of cabbage salad and hot green tea. The generous chunks of marinated salmon are fresh and succulent. I found the portion of fish to rice is just nice where I did not end up having leftover rice after finishing up the fishes. I kinda like the sesame sprinkles too 👍

We realised that we all ended up smelling like Japanese food after leaving the restaurant so it may be a better choice to dine alfresco but it was really too hot and humid during our visit in the afternoon that we needed the aircon badly.

This place serves good quality sushi with good ratio of fish to rice and what's more, a very friendly and welcoming Japanese chef 🥰

I initially got the kurage salad warship to try and I was sold! It was so good that I started flipping the menu searching for it without sushi rice. Decided to try my luck to order it when I couldn't find it in the menu and i'm glad they do serve it ala carte at $3.80 for a bowl of kurage salad 🤤

Salmon Sashimi》$7.60
Kurage Salad Warship》$1.80
Daimyo Anago - Big Sea Eel》$6.80
Aburi Mentaiko Hotate》$5.80

A wallet friendly and comforting bowl of small salmon cubes partially flame-seared with a nice smoky and creamy texture. I kind of like this where part of the salmon is smoky while the other parts remains raw. I get a fusion of 2 textures in one bowl》$9.90

There’s also a version of this with mentaiko that looks pretty good.

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Salmon, tuna, hotate, cucumber, ebiko, ikura and tamago》$13.90

A self service restaurant with free seating that serves fresh and value for money meals. I preferred this over the truffle version (+$1) as I felt the truffle tends to overpower the natural taste of sashimi.

Wide and thinly sliced pork belly pan fried with sweet sauce on sushi rice. A friend raved how good this was that I needed to try and it turned out good! They also have the Kagoshima pork belly don on the menu which I think was very worth the price but if you are not feeling too hungry or giving this a try then probably get the sushi first》$4.80/2pcs

The soft and fatty grilled unagi made this truly a delectable dish, paired nicely with a bed of eggs and onions served on top of a bowl of rice.

Enjoy this 1-for-1 main dish with Burpple Beyond ✌ (U.P. $15.80)


The mixed bowl tendon comes with chicken tender, enoki mushroom, long beans, prawns, seaweed, shiitake mushroom and sweet potato slices drizzled with spicy sauce.

Each tendon comes with a choice of base ranging from rice, udon and soba with 3 levels of spicy sauce (non-spicy option is available). Not feeling very hungry, I chose soba over rice with level 1 spiciness which turned out just nice without overpowering the sweet flavour. 

Enjoy this 1-for-1 main dish with Burpple Beyond ✌ (U.P. $14.80 + $1 Soba with soup)


Rustic blocks of salmon, tuna, mekajiki (swordfish), unagi, tako (octopus), tobiko, tamago, kani stick, poached prawn and ikura basked in special homemade bara sauce. Served with salmon miso soup》$20

Fishes were fresh but not the best chirashi if I’m to compare it with another shop with the same price. The only let down would be the sushi rice where I felt it has too much vinegar in it. I wonder if they accidenly poured too much vinegar that day 🤔

Nothing can go wrong to a bowl of salmon don as long as the fishes are fresh. The salmon slices were thickly sliced and marinated/drizzled with sauce and topped with ikura. The sushi rice is quite sour and needs more improvement》$15

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