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Kon'nichiwa こんにちは

Kon'nichiwa こんにちは

Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

Slices of marinated beef with onions, topped with onsen egg, fried garlic, nori strips and chopped scallions 》$12.90

Something different with the use of spaghetti. It feels very light yet tasty with shredded duck and fragrant pasta tossed in scallion oil 》$10.90

Tonkotsu broth, chasiu, spring onions, black fungus, spicy miso, egg 》$16.80

Creamy and savoury bowl of tonkotsu broth with the usual and typical type of straight and thin noodles. The broth was rich and flavourful but it was also a little oily. The chasiu was tender soft and it comes with black fungus for the extra crunch.

Chopped chasiu, spring onions, chilli oil, bamboo shoots, leeks, sesame seeds and onsen egg 》$17

The chasiu are tender soft and nicely torched. They uses the thick and curly type of noodles which addes more chewiness/springy and resilient texture which holds more sauce on it. The addition of sesame seeds did enhance the overall fragrance.

Pardon the messy bowl of noodles coz we only realised they missed out the chasiu after mixing and tossing the egg and noodles together. The friendly staff just got their chef to add the portion of chasiu on the side. Vegetarian option is also available without chasiu at $15.

Topped with a variety of fresh sashimi cubes, ikura, scallop and cucumber with 2 types of sauces - kei sauce / yuzu wasabi sauce to choose from. Comes with salad or rice or choose a mixture of both 》$16.90/regular

There are 4 unique ways to enjoy their signature kaisendon.

1. Eat it on its own
2. Mix it with our chilli powder and mayonnaise
3. Blend it with their special Sakurai chicken soup
4. Wrap the sashimi with their special cut nori seaweed

Available in 3 sizes
Small $12.90 / Regular $16.90 / Large $19.90

Slow-cooked iberico pork jowl 》$18

One of the signature dish in Shukuu Izakaya. The pork jowl is sinfully good, tender with intense flavour and melts in your mouth. 

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Swiss-style potato shreds baked with mentaiko sauce till golden brown 》$9

I love all things potato and mentaiko so this rosti mentai has got to be the best of both worlds. A dish good for sharing and it’s highly addictive!

Crab gratin with mentaiko served in a shell 》$8

A creamier and sweeter option compared to the rosti mentai. It’s similar to mashed up crab stick with mentai sauce. The mentaiko seems to be too overpowering in this dish that I couldn’t really appreciate the flavours of crab gratin. If I were to choose something with mentaiko, I would go with the rosti mentai.

Mackerel seasoned and aged in vinegar before being torched to aburi style. Succulent and tender torched mackerel prepared in savoury style with sweetness and a tinge of sourness. This is one dish that would make me come back again 》$14

Charcoal grilled king prawns and lightly sprinkled with salt. Comes with a sweet and mild spicy chili for dipping 》$9.50 (20cm)

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A casual bar with nice ambience that serves pretty good skewers to catch up with friends over sake.

Iberico black pork collar 》$5.50
Chicken thigh 》$4

Not the best but decent sushi rice (lacks vinegar) with ikura bursting with sweet and salty goodness in the mouth 》$12

Eating is my workout

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