Beehoon is tossed in a light sesame sauce, topped with crispy and delicious ikan bilis. The kwayteow is rly yums too, but they ran out by the time it reached my turn so no kwayteow for me that day. I added on an eggplant, which was so gooOod :)

The ytf consists of taupok, taukwa, fishball & taukee.

My absolute favourite is the taukee, which is stuffed with their homemade fish paste, and it is so delightfully savoury yet not too salty (it’s the saltiest out of the 4). Coming in as 2nd fav is the taukwa, which is soft & fresh, and generously stuffed with the yummy fish paste. 3rd fav would be the taupok!

I don’t like the fishballs unfortunately, but that doesn’t stop Xiu Ji from being my favourite ytf stall. It was a tough fight amongst the ytf that I’ve tried, but this emerged as champion (wuhu!)

I am aware I’m being a little too dramatic but hey, ytf is my fav hawker food :-D