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YONGTAUFOO is the best

YONGTAUFOO is the best

Featuring Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu (Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre), My Favourite Cafe (Bugis Cube), 109 Teochew Yong Tau Foo, Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu (People's Park Complex Food Centre), Orchard Yong Tau Foo (Cuppage Plaza), Wah Kiow Hakka Yong Tou Foo (華嬌客家釀豆腐), Tian Ji Niang Dou Fu (Seah Im Food Centre), 6th Avenue Wanton Mee, Hakka Noodle (Holland Drive Market & Food Centre), Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu (Leisure Park Kallang)
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Honestly quite impressed by this place! The place is known for the meatballs & mushroom, and I could see why. The meatball is crunchy on the outside, well seasoned and kinda had an ikan bilis taste; the mushroom was very mushroomy and soft and slippery.

I also liked the veg as it had some crunch. Taupok and taukwa were decent, taukwa wasn’t sour and q soft but not as soft as fulin.

Arrived just before the lunch crowd hit, at about 12.15pm so come early if you don’t like queueing!

The ytf items were quite tasty, and I enjoyed the noodles which went well with the minced meat! Dumplings were decent.

A sinful ytf option, the fried stuff r what I’ll come here for. Think my ideal combi should contain:
- taukwa
- youtiao
- stuffed taukee
- eggplant
- xiaobaicai & kangkong

The taukwa was really good especially when hot. It’s crisp but v soft and fresh on the inside, yums! It’s a different (better) level of softness when compared to other similar kinds of ytf stores (109 circular, orchard ytf), and I was super satisfied with it.

My lunch bud really enjoyed the veg for some reason, but for me the sauce was a bit too goopy, I don’t exactly like my veg drenched in so much starch haha

Everything was delicious. My favourite item here was the fried taukee, it was crisp and the stuffing in it was nice and savoury as well. The taupok was nice n juicy, tofu fresh, eggplant was good too.

Unfortunately this is all the way in malaysia so I can’t have it in the near future (sad)

Another ytf place that my family frequents! The soup is good especially when hot, it’s made from soybeans and ikan bilis (I think), it’s very clear but yums.

My favourite thing here would be the taukee that has a thin layer of fish paste!! It’s so delicious and crispy and savoury :) my family orders 10 pieces and my dad ends up eating 5 bc he loves it, and then we have to order another round of taukee 😂

The fishball is great too, sufficiently salted and has a good bite to it. The tofu is fresh, firm outside soft inside. I like the taupok too, soaks up the soup and goes most well with the fish paste.

The rice is delicious too?? I’m not sure why I like their rice so much but I like that there are distinct individual grains; scoop some soup, put rice on the spoon and even though it sounds bland it’s really good.

Another highlight is the sour plum juice!!! I almost never order drinks outside (I love water) (wait unless it’s coffee). This is the only place I do order drinks because their sour plum juice is rly da bomb. Not artificial tasting (not of that too sweet syrup nonsense), it’s a good complement for the meal.

Shoutout to this place for feeding my fam for >10 years (I think)!

This is one of my childhood ytfs, and I always liked their taukee most, out of everything in the bowl! My standard order is beehoon soup here, even though I have come to prefer dry ytf at other establishments. (I’m a creature of habit.) A good, satisfying bowl of ytf!

Given the long queues I see at both the Albert & people’s park outlets, I probably had too high expectations. This was decent, but there was nothing that made me go ‘omg this is damn good’. I liked the ngoh hiang & prawn ball the best iirc. May try it a second time to check if my first impression holds :p

Beehoon is tossed in a light sesame sauce, topped with crispy and delicious ikan bilis. The kwayteow is rly yums too, but they ran out by the time it reached my turn so no kwayteow for me that day. I added on an eggplant, which was so gooOod :)

The ytf consists of taupok, taukwa, fishball & taukee.

My absolute favourite is the taukee, which is stuffed with their homemade fish paste, and it is so delightfully savoury yet not too salty (it’s the saltiest out of the 4). Coming in as 2nd fav is the taukwa, which is soft & fresh, and generously stuffed with the yummy fish paste. 3rd fav would be the taupok!

I don’t like the fishballs unfortunately, but that doesn’t stop Xiu Ji from being my favourite ytf stall. It was a tough fight amongst the ytf that I’ve tried, but this emerged as champion (wuhu!)

I am aware I’m being a little too dramatic but hey, ytf is my fav hawker food :-D

Back at 109 again! Got the dry kwayteow with:
- eggplant (my fav pick for this meal)
- stuffed taukee
- rolled taukee with some soft filling inside
- soft tofu (go for this instead of the stuffed taukwa, this is much better)
- 3 types of veg (spinach, xiaobaicai & some slimy veg which I did not like)

There wasn’t the kfc mash potato sauce taste this time, which is gr8!! My lunch bud let me try the zai er which was yums!! Will be back, I like it + it’s near the office :)

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Have been patronising this stall since idk when, and this sees queues in the morning! The soup is good, noodles al dente and the ytf items are tasty. The ytf items are given at random, so it depends on ur luck. Today I was lucky and got stuff I like for all 5 items! I like the eggplant & taukee most, followed by the taukwa, fishball and taupok. Sometimes I get bittergourd & okra, both of which I don’t eat.

- taukee not crisp, they don’t refry but didn’t rly mind this
- fish paste wrapped w steamed taukee is nice, savoury
- kway teow was soft but not soggy and goes well w sauce n crisp onion + sesame seeds
- sauce is the brown sweet ccf kind that I grew up w!!
- taukwa is good!! soft but still holds its shape and not sour
- wanton filling is like meatball texture, skin was soggy
- taupok soaked up the juices and the paste was nice
- soup was a bit salty for me. But came w lottts of soya bean

would revisit! the queues r quite insane tho so gotta come before the lunch crowd. also min 7 pieces without noodles

The 6 piece one came with 2 taupoks + 2 fishballs in soup w baicai, taukee, ngoh hiang. 7 piece one had a one more wanton. We added on zai er ($0.50 for 2) which was GREAT!! (I have a weakness for zaier.) I had the kwayteow dry no chili, lunch bud had meepok dry w chili. Mine came with ketchup sauce but I was expecting the sweet sauce :p liked this overall! wanton & ngoh hiang were more outstanding. Didn’t like the fishballs. Soup was not bad! No msg for sure bc they displayed it on a sign at the stall haha

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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