Certainly a unique choice for breakfast, but we decided to get the lemon tart anyway as we wanted to try something new at TBB! The lemon tart comes with a butter crust filled with a lemon-based pudding. The crust was really buttery and it wasn't too hard; it is somewhat similar to the exterior of an egg tart except that it isn't flaky. The pudding was soft and the lemon flavour was really concentrated! As the sourness does pack a powerful punch, you may not want to order this if sour food isn't your kind of thing.

While we loved the refreshing flavour of the lemon tart, we thought it was really pricey as it costs almost $8 and yet it is much smaller than most of the other pastries at TBB. Would not suggest getting this too often as there are more value-for-money options at TBB!