Imperial treasure bakery
Asia square food court

Doesn't this look like a moon 🌙?
Pardon me - that's my one huge bite off my tart.

This is my Favourite egg tart from imperial treasures bakery .

There are usually 2 camps of egg tart lovers .
One camp for the flakey pastry and one camp for the buttery shortcrust pastry .

I have a better liking for the buttery shortcrust pastry kind at imperial treasures . Served warm, the crust is slightly crispy and biscuit like with an alluring nutty and buttery fragrance. The egg custard is smooth and wobbly - just like how a good egg tart should be .

Though prices have climbed over the years, 1.50 is still very affordable.

Try one ☝️ and you will be coming back for more .

Do give a go at their Char siew puffs which are in my option one of the best I have tasted ( with real Chunky char siew ) and a nicely brown baked pastry that is not overly oily .