First time here to celebrate our anniversary! 💓 Advice to make reservation in advance on Chope or directly as it's full house on a Sunday night. Downside of making reservation directly is you will have to give your credit card in advance as they will charge you for $60 penalty if no show. Dining time is around 1h15mins only.

We tried the steak and the burger and ordered the potatoes as a side! They serve salt & pepper popcorn for free too! Overall, food is pretty good except that everything is abit too salty for me. We sat opposite the popcorn machine and I literally saw a staff scooped 3 big spoonful of salt & pepper and left. Then another staff came and added 2 more scoops. No wonder it's soooooo salty but people who likes salty stuff will find it nice 🤣 the sauce in the burger is pretty salty too and not to mention the salt particles on the steak as well. Understand that salt is the best buddy for steak but probably will ask them to tone down the salt the next time I visit. They serve salt and pepper on the table anyway.

Nevertheless, the food is still good and price is pretty decent considering it's quite atas 🤭 paid $60 for 2 mains and 1 side! Will probably be back to try the gyudon!