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Bestie bought the $100 chope voucher cause we overestimated ourselves and thought we could finish $100 worth of food by ourselves HAHAHAH we ordered the Tunisian and European (and 2 desserts)!!

First time tryina shakshouka and it was overwhelming!! It was the right amount of spiciness and what could go wrong with eggs poached in tomato sauce and chorizo?? Le bestie had a hard time eating it gracefully as the tomato sauce dripped of the flatbread onto her hand and by the time she was finished, it looked like a crime scene HAHAH

As for my dish, the perfectly poached eggs were wrapped with Italian prosciutto and blanketed with a layer of hollandaise sauce which I couldn’t get enough of! I felt really guilty cutting into the poached eggs as if I were destroying an art piece😢 it got increasingly messy as the egg yolk oozed over the brioche and everywhere else on the plate ((that’s how you tell that they nailed their poached eggs))

Overall, wild honey took it to the next level and this meal exceeded what I had in mind! The interior was rly pretty and cosy as well! They dimmed the lights to achieve that ambience so my bestie and I had to be thick skinned and take photos of the food w flash heheh Lastly, kudos to the amazing crew who were super friendly and helpful which made our experience there rly wonderful☺️

Thanks bestie for the amazing food & company!! Love you loads💖😚💖

Taste: 9/10
Presentation: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10

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