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Though there seems to be a slight slowdown to the salted egg yolk trend, the evolving variety of fish skin and potato chips seems to have outlasted the other fads. Thus inspired by our local culture and lifestyle, Tiny Red Dot, under the JP Pepperdine Group, offers yet another option as they focus on local flavoured snacks such as Salted Egg Fish Skin and Laksa Fish Skin ($12/each).

Well-seasoned and coated pretty evenly, each resealable pack marries the sweet, salty and spicy perfectly. No soggy or clumpy bits, the handcrafted bags didn’t taste greasy either. Flavourful and more balanced of the lot that I have tried, the skins had a good crunch - not overly thin or thick. The flavours were distinct as well; however of the two, my pick would be the Laksa Fish Skin - it giving quite a strong kick yet moreish with the fragrance of the essential spices.

Many thanks to for sending them over!