A midweek perk-me-up splurge meal was in order so I went for Aoki's Mazechirashi ($50). The lunch set came with salad, miso soup, pickles, and dessert. Really quite the treat, the ratio of toppings to rice was simply *chef’s kiss*. I had topped up $5 for uni (because we all need that extra decadence right?!). 

Much love for the briny ikura and the many assortments of fish (cries in maguro)! The mixed sashimi was pleasantly marinated - fresh-tasting, plump, and savoury but not salty. There was plenty of sweetness from the abundance of their pillowy soft tamago cubes too. The Japanese cucumbers were great additions as well, offering refreshing crunchy bites in every spoonful. Oh and even the sushi rice was yummy, the temperature of the grains and the acidity were nice.

Dessert was a very competent trio of smooth matcha pudding with azuki, raspberry ice cream in a crispy Monaka, and sweet jelly, served together with a hot cup of Hojicha.

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