I think I have found the best naan so far, in a sea of Indian Muslim food stalls at Tekka Market & Food Centre. The plain naans, even bigger than 2 of my palms, were freshly baked in a traditional tandoor oven right in front of the stall as each was stuck firmly on the oven's inner walls. I read that by baking naans this way will produce naans with crispier base apparently, because only tandoor ovens can achieve the right temperature. Tasted and proven, these huge-assed naans had biscuity-crisp exterior, slightly burnt on some parts yet still fragrant, while the interior was fluffy, airy and moist.
The butter chicken wasn't the usual thick creamy ones that I have always eaten. Instead, it was heavier on the butter (which I prefer!) and heat spicy that packed a punch. Chicken was tender, but honestly, I could just eat the naan with the gravy because it's this good.

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