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With the latest trend of dirty drinks, we decided to try MuYoo after hearing recommendations by a friend especially after getting sorely disappointed by the overhyped 🐯

Tried the Strawberry + Milk Dirty Drink ($3.90) and my girlfriend got the Avocado + Brown Sugar + Milk Dirty Drink ($3.90). Once again, hurrah for Burpple Beyond which gave us 1-for-1!

Not a huge fan of avocado but I can say that the avocado tasted fresh and the taste was not sugarcoated by the brown sugar syrup!

I loved my Strawberry drink which I can just sum up as the liquidized form of a strawberry sundae, except its not overly sweet and you can really taste the freshness and smoothness of the milk.

Definitely give it a try, before the hype train comes along and the queue starts forming!