Putien, a.k.a HengHwa, food, is peasants food. It is less brilliant, refined, or flavourful compared to many other Chinese cuisines (certainly Cantonese). But it is relatively healthier (less use of oil), so more conducive to daily consumption by third-party, non-natives. Because it is so homey, it’s kind of surprising that it earned a star from Michelin (but again, I believe the latter are often dead wrong in judging non-western, and especially Asian restaurants, notably Chinese and Japanese!) In any event, the Putien mini-chain serves the best HengHwa food in Singapore. Their iced bitter gourd, seaweed and tofu with crabmeat soup, and pork trotters (either jelly or deep fried) are just delish. In season, the duotou clams are yummy. Very reasonable pricing and friendly service are additional reasons why we regularly go back here.