Feast for the eyes with the perfectly shiny cosmic glaze. These decadent mooncakes are light on the palette with its mousse-like creamy texture, and the more modern cake-like flavours would cater to those who aren’t huge fans of traditional heavier and denser mooncakes.

Lotus with salted egg - Most classic mooncake flavour with distinct lotus aroma and oozy custard. Personally would have liked for a richer and saltier custard.

Black sesame lotus with white sesame peanut - Great balance of modern and traditional with the usual lotus and peanut being elevated by earthy and nutty sesame.

Yuzu lotus with lemon curd - Personal favourite of the 4 for the refreshing tangy flavours of lemon and yuzu.

Honey purple sweet potato lotus with taro - One for the sweet tooth.

These mooncakes come in a limited edition ‘book’ box and bright colourpop cooler bag.

Insta: cafehoppingkids

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