It’s been some time since I ate at this stall, so I thought I should check it out during this P2HA period and see how their takeaway mee pok fares.

Ordered the standard mee pok with chilli and one without. Both with added vinegar. And another mee kia with chilli and added vinegar.

First of all, I wish to comment on their process of packing your takeaways. Say you wanted to add chopped scallion or chillies into the container. Well you can’t do that easily because you’d have to bring the plastic carriers to the side table, reopen the tied plastic carriers, open the containers one by one and then add them in. The default mode does not have an option for chopped scallions. Or chillies.

Also the plastic containers for chilli sauce (which is one of their biggest draw) the covers don’t fit very well. One actually leaked on my way back and nothing was left.

And finally, the ubiquitous soup that accompanies dry noodles, you must request for it. Instead of individual packet, a big bag is used and you apportion the soup yourself. About half a bowl for each serving of noodles.

The noodles themselves were not al dente, closer to soft. Clumps were found in the Mee Kia because it was not properly dispersed before blanching. The chilli sauce in noodles was not very spicy. Soup tasted sweeter than what I remembered. So does the braised mushrooms, very sweet. Overall, without the added vinegar, it would have been a very sweet bowl of soft noodles.

I’ll come back for a tasting after this soft lockdown, just to reconfirm if the standards have really dropped.