I miss travelling to Thailand quite badly especially with all their night markets & of course, good food!⁠

Since we can't travel, the only other way is to get their food & Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap serves up pretty decent Thai Kway Chap that makes me miss the original one even more!⁠

Known for their extremely peppery soup base, Thai Kway Chap has a soup base like bak ku teh but topped with the ingredients of normal Kway chap. Apart from the usuals such as intestines & stomach, you get fried crispy sio bak, lean pork and pork sausages too! They are extremely generous with their ingredients & even after taking away the portion, the sio bak skin still remains crispy & crunchy!⁠

What's unique as well are the noodle slices, which curls up to look like little pig's tails which soaks up the soup broth with every spoonful. It has a slight qq bite which adds another texture to the meal. The combination is a spicy slurp-worthy bowl of comforting kway chap.⁠

Can't wait to travel once we can, but for now, just food to reminisce!⁠ #BurppleTakeaways

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📍Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap, Holland Village